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So just how does one successfully get a book published and to sell through, of course? The two authors have assembled a compendium of everything you need to think about to have the best shot at winning this game. From figuring out the right idea, to focusing your pitch, landing an agent, negotiating contracts, getting paid, meeting deadlines and then, of course, the relentless job of how to promote, promote, promote!

The book reveals a myriad of examples, lessons and advice, from both the authors and other experts Neil Gaiman, Seth Godin, Dan Ariely, etc.

First of all, you need a plan… so here’s mine

This updated and retitled for optimal SEO version also features the latest tips for reaching the connected universe through social marketing and SEO again as well. No more e-mails pleas Mar 29, J. The title of this book speaks for itself. For unpublished authors, this book provides a step-by-step guide from the germ of an idea for your book to what to do after it is published.

This book states in detail what is involved and makes clear that if you are unwilling to put in the work, the likelihood of publishing a successful book is low. The book is written in an easy-to-understand and often humorous manner. I found the anecdotes of writers who have successfully published their work enjoyable to read and motivating. Given all the information that is included in this book, the main point of the book may sometimes be overshadowed; you must write a good book.

First, Define What “Success” Means for You

In the long run, everything else does not matter. I read this book so that I would have a better understanding of the publishing process and what was in store for me. I will let you know how it turns out. Jun 16, Kourtney rated it it was amazing Shelves: writing-tips , how-to-promote , nonfiction , writing-craft , publishing. This is a book every writer should own because it is truly the essential guide to getting your book published. It covers every aspect from coming up with a great idea, creating your platform, submitting your work to agents and publishers, the entire publication process, the marketing methods, and what comes next.

This book gives you inside tips on the entire process of creating a book and bringing it to market.

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It helps authors adjust expectations and gives them an overview of what to expect. I will definitely be referring back to this book for years to come The voice and tone are friendly and humorous and you feel like you spent weeks chatting with Arielle and David about the publishing process. I appreciated their candor and no nonsense approach to everything. I think most authors will agree--this is a great behind the scenes peek at the entire process and a huge bargain.

I gained so much information and knowledge. Usually you'd need 6 books to cover this much information, but Arielle and David managed to do it in one inexpensive book. Thank you! Aug 08, SwensonBooks rated it it was amazing.

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Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry previously published much of this how-to guidebook as Putting Your Passion Into Print, but in the last five years the game has changed; and so has the role of the author in the book publishing business. This is the most current and relevant set of guideposts in the environment of social media and book publishing. What I really like about this new reference text is that it tells authors what is now expected of them in this whole new ballgame.

It answers the Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry previously published much of this how-to guidebook as Putting Your Passion Into Print, but in the last five years the game has changed; and so has the role of the author in the book publishing business. It answers the question many authors ask: why should I blog? Do I need an agent? How do I prepare a book proposal? Much more is now expected of authors by publishers. This guidebook helps an author navigate the landscape of the shifting sands in publishing today.

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Being an author today requires more than writing the manuscript. You need to create the market demand for your book and you need to fill that demand by using social media and other digital channels to sell it to your audience. Most important, this book helps you figure out how serious you really are about publishing your book. It's a full time job.

The Beginner Guide To Make Money Selling eBooks

As a book development editor with Swenson Book Development, I encourage my new clients to read this guidebook before we begin work on their book projects. It serves to validate the challlenges and opportunities the current state of book publishing presents to authors. More importantly, the book creates an increased market demand for author services no longer filled by traditional publishing houses yet essential to the success of a book in the marketplace today. The dirty little secret that publishers are less successful than authors at selling books is out in the open and this book is essential to authors who want their books to be bought and read.

Oct 17, Stacey Graham rated it really liked it. As social media becomes our word-of-mouth for the book business, Eckstut and Sterry go over how websites, blogging and communities specific to your topic plus Twitter and Facebook can help you establish a market and fan base for your book. I found particularly useful the sections regarding the business side of publishing. This is not a book on how to write a novel nor nonfiction title but practical advice on what comes next, taking the idea or finished project to the next step: how to pitch your ideas, finding an agent, connecting to your audience, and into working with your future editor and publisher with a separate chapter on self-publishing.

Interviews with authors and publishing insiders make the book more insightful than a compilation of steps, however.

10 Mistakes I Made as a Successful First Time Kindle Author (So You Don’t Have To)

May 12, Elizabeth Naranjo rated it it was amazing. They're very nice people--enthusiastic and passionate about books and authors, and they're a wealth of information when it comes to publishing, both traditional and indie routes. I enjoyed their book then--especially the early chapters on crafting pitches and proposals, researching agents and publishers, and dealing with submissions and rejections. But now I have a publisher, and my novel will soon be released.

Many questions that had been spinning in my head were answered here--from pre-publication publicity to the book launch to preparing for interviews one of the authors is a media coach, and offers some helpful tips. Highly recommended. And is it cheating to add this title toward my reading goal? I'm woefully behind, and I did read it again from front-to-back. Unless I hear otherwise, I'm counting it, okay? Aug 31, Sarah rated it it was amazing.

A Bible for Publishing. Summary: from figuring out the right idea to locating and landing a agent; to selling your book to appropriate publisher or self-publishing; to understanding the contract; to getting paid; to sitting down and writing the book; to becoming savvy about publicity, marketing, e-media and social networking; to setting up the website; to planning and executing a event; to making a promotional video; to be on bestseller lists.

Making yo Making your book the best book it can possible be should always be your first priority. Go to web, blog it your book first, build your audience. For example, an article in The New York Times is publicity and an ad on the Times' website is marketing. Usually is seconds for the book.

Questions like: How do I sell this? Who is the audience? It is very important turn your name into a face. Schedule a meeting six months before publication and preferably before to sales conference. You want to walk into the meeting with 1. Pitch: 2.

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Presentation, often competition, publicity, marketing section in Proposal 3. Ask everyone for a card, so you can refer to people by name, etc. Usually you need agent if you want advance.

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Agent may submit exclusive, not-quite-exclusive,or many editors. Editor Publisher publicizing, marketing Media Bookstore hours writing rights worldwide vs. Check publishing teams -from your editor, publicity people, marketing and sales, take a good measure, take notes on everyone.