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If you plan to have more than one character active and leveling at a time—a nice way to take advantage of rested experience—make the second one an enchanter. This must be a character you plan to level, because your enchanting skill must also rise in order to keep disenchanting higher level items. Enchanting materials can be lucrative, relatively speaking, compared to the green and blue gear they come from. The Enchantrix mod will show you its best guess for the product of each disenchantment.

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But there are plenty of materials specifically used by crafters that are useful to farm and repeatedly sell which spawn in dungeons, where you have no competition. The key to farming dungeons for materials is being able to either kill the monsters yourself or not be seen by them. This is why most farming of this type is done by Rogues or Druids, because they can stealth their way through.

Then there are Hunters and other strong solo classes who can kill everything that can drop something useful. Scarlet Monastery and other dungeons include spawn points that are easy to reach for classes that have stealth and herbalism. Grave Moss is most easily farmed in the Scarlet Graveyard cemetery.

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Other farmable items are dropped by mobs inside. Cloth is a classic example; most dungeon monsters drop a lot, and it often sells well. The Primary Professions include:. These gathering professions are used to gather the materials that you will use them in recipes as ingredients to craft a variety of wow classic items, which can be sold on the auction house for classic wow gold. Crafting Professions :.

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    8. In the early days of the game, everyone is wow classic boost Profession, and player needs herbs and bars, so Materials are worth more. At the end, when more players are flooding the market, it is difficult to obtain wow classic gold , this is a solid strategy for affording all of your maximum level skills and your mounts at level 40 - 60, which in turn makes mining and Herbalism easier.

      Enchanting provides enchants, while Tailoring has the important bags that allow players to carry more loot at a given time. If you want to obtain the gear, you can through a tailor, blacksmith, or leatherworker to make, provide you with solid upgrades as you level up. Combined with the right gathering Professions - mining for blacksmithing and skinning for leatherworking, it will be a very efficient way to keep parts of your gears update, speeding up your leveling, and you can pursue max-level gameplay.

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      Utility items are not frequent used in Classic WoW than Live server, so these three armor crafting Professions can make something useful. Leatherworking can make armor kits, which add armor or stamina to a piece of gear. Best Professions for PvP. You can not only utilize many types of bombs, grenades and other gizmos to aid in PvP scenarios, but also craft strong gear and build various type of vanilla wow items that can be used in combat versus other players.

      Mining and Herb Gold Farming Route in BFA

      Alchemy is another good choice, since you can craft potions that greatly aid you in PvP combat and restore health or mana, and even increase your movement speed for a short time Swiftness Potions. Not to mention you can use the Elixirs to grant a stat buff for the duration of time, this is also useful in raiding. Best Professions for PvE. Skinning is incredibly easy to level up while you are leveling your character.

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      Why Herbalism? The herbs that you gather through Herbalism are used to create potions and flasks which are used at end-game for raiding purposes. The demand for herbs is constant and high— you will almost always be able to sell herbs for a good price on the Auction House. All of these herbs sell for great money. Why not Mining? Mining is a viable profession for making money and absolutely a decent choice if you enjoy it.

      The ore gathered by mining has less demand on the Auction House and is therefore less likely to sell at a good price. Starting late? Check out our Skinning , Herbalism , or Mining guides. Serious money can be made at low levels using Fishing. Fishing is a common method for level 19 and 29 twinks to earn money if they do not have a main character to farm with.