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Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are, and were created. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of Lights. Our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

Es sey denn, dass ihr euch umkehret, und werdet wie die Kinder, so werdet ihr nicht in das Himmelreich kommen. Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. My word shall not return unto Me void; but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

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Angelus, Johann ——whose real name was Scheffler, native of Breslau, physician in ordinary to the Emperor Ferdinand the Third. In the year he resigned this post, went over to the Church of Rome, and became a priest, having previously, by a singular fancy, assumed the name of Angelus. Arndt, Ernst Moritz ——born in the Isle of Rugen; in professor of philosophy at Greifswald, whole political writings so aroused the national spirit against the hated dominion of Napoleon, that they may be regarded as having mainly influenced the combination which eventually restored the independence of Germany.

After the restoration, he was appointed professor of history at Bonn, in ; but in a few years having become an object of suspicion to the government, he was suspended, and ultimately deprived of his professorship. From being a writer of popular songs, he became a writer of sacred ones. A Princess distinguished for her gentleness and charity. She was the foundress of the Oranienburg Orphan Asylum.

Brunswick, Anton Ulrich, Duke of ——pupil of the learned Schottelius; a learned Prince, who was a popular writer of his time. He studied theology, in distressed circumstances, at Leipzig, but his bad health did not allow him to preach. He lived at Leipzig, and gave lectures first as a master of arts and afterwards as extraordinary professor on eloquence and moral philosophy, and gained as universally the reputation of an author and a pattern of pure taste, as he did love and esteem as a man and a Christian, by his integrity of conduct, and his unaffected piety and humility.

Composing hymns was his favourite employment, in which, together with prayer, he spent the happiest hours of his life of suffering. All his hymns speak the simple Christian poet of the people, and many of them have lasting classic merit.

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His death, as was his life, was worthy of a Christian. Forced to quit his native land, he was appointed, in , preacher at the Nicolai Church at Berlin, where he remained ten years, honoured and respected. But as his religious opinions differed from those of the King, he was ordered to quit the country. Utterly destitute, he and his wife directed their steps towards his native land, performing the journey on foot.

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When evening arrived, they sought repose at a little village inn, when his wife gave way to a burst of natural emotion. When they were about to retire to rest, two gentlemen entered the parlour in which they were seated. One of them, in conversing with the poet, told him they were on their way to Berlin, in search of the deposed clergyman, Paul Gerhard, by order of Duke Christian of Merseberg.

Great was the astonishment of both husband and wife, when one of the strangers delivered to Gerhard a letter from the duke, informing him that he had settled a considerable pension on him, as a compensation for the injustice of which he had been a victim. Heermann, Johann ——a native of Silesia, born at Rauden, the son of a furrier, early destined for the Church by his pious mother. Lange, Ernst ——of Dantzic, member of the town-council of that place. His hymns appeared in Lavater, Johann Caspar ——minister in his native town, Zuric; who, with many infirmities and peculiarities, was an active and sincere Christian, and a talented orator, writer, and sacred poet.

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He died, after having performed the most blessed actions, and having been tried with many afflicitons, which he bore with piety and constancy, in consequence of a fatal shot, which a French soldier maliciously aimed at him, after the storming of Zuric in , as he was consoling and administering to the wants of the sufferers, in the streets. His hymns are numerous, and have been repeatedly printed.

Luther, Doctor Martin ——born at Eisleben—the bold and uncompromising Reformer, whose simple yet vigorous hymns, full of evangelical doctrine, for many of which he himself composed the tunes , found their way to the hearts of his countrymen; and had, perhaps, as much influence as his polemical writings in furthering the great work of the Reformation.

Meyfart, Johann Matthias ——born at Wahlwinkel in the Duchy of Gotha, a learned and talented theologian. Neuss, Heinrich Georg ——native of Elbingerode, superintendent [2] at Wernigerode.

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Nicolai, Philipp ——a native of Waldeck, a learned theologian, and a parish priest a Hamburgh. The latter was, in earlier times, almost always sung at weddings, especially of the country people. Rambach, Johann ——born at Halle, professor and superintendent at Giessen, a learned and truly pious man. His hymns combine the simplicity of the old with the fervour of the later school. They formed a much needed counterpoise to the preponderance of most hymn-writers of his day to sentimental and egotistic effusions. Richter, Christian Friedrich ——a distinguished and pious physician of Soran, in Lower Lusatia; he died in the prime of life, as he had himself predicted, while physician in the Orphan Asylum at Halle.

Rinckart, Martin ——a Saxon of Eilenburg in Misnia, where he was an archdeacon.

Rist, Johann ——of the province of Holstein, born at Ottensen, near Altona, member of the ecclesiastical council and minister at Wedel; one of the most celebrated and influential poets of his day. He was, in the pulpit, as well as in sacred verse, an earnest preacher of Christianity, and was consequently attacked by the zealots of his time, because he did not preach enough upon matters in dispute, and against erroneous doctrine. He wrote the greater number of his hymns whilst a student at the university of Greifswald. Only a part of them appeared during his lifetime: they were collected and published in , and immediately procured him the reputation of a distinguished poet.

Schenk, Theodor —born at Alsfeld, died in , whilst minister of the town of Giessen. Schmolck, Benjamin ——a Silesian born at Brauchitschdorf, minister at Schweidnitz; a man of great piety, and very influential in his day. Most of his hymns and they were above a thousand in number are distinguished by a truly poetical and peculiar genius. Their characteristic is a simplicity and sincerity, which emulates that of Paul Gerhard, but without his sublimity.

It has ever since been considered one of the chief ornaments of German hymnology. Wiesenmayer or Wiedemayer , Burchard , the author, not otherwise known, of several hymns. Zihn, Johann Friedrich ——Archdeacon at Suhla, in the province of Henneberg, of which place he was a native.

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Zwick, Johann —of Kostnitz, who died ; he was first a jurist, and afterwards a theologian and minister in his native city; a pious and learned man. Wend Unfall ab, kanns anders sein, Wo nicht, so geb ich mich darein, Und will nicht widerstreben. Morning Hymn. Unconscious, I securely slept, Nor saw the cruel foes which kept Close watch about my slumber; Though evil spirits, through the night, With hellish craft and watchful spite, Came round me without number; Whose hands In bands, Mischief brewing For my ruin, Had enslaved me, Hadst not Thou stood by and saved me.

Help, Lord, Afford! Near me tarry, Blows to parry, While around me Sword and arrow sore confound me. Wo bist du, Sonne, blieben? Evening Hymn. Hide me under the Shadow of Thy Wings. Sun, whither hast thou vanished? Tired limbs, how toil oppressed you! Ye long in bed to rest you, And thou, my weary head! Sende dein Licht und deine Wahrheit, dass sie mich leiten. O send out Thy Light and Thy Truth, that they may lead me. King of Creation! Lord of Salvation! Wenn der Tag anbrechen wird, Dem kein Tag zu gleichen! The Lord shall be thine everlasting Light, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended.

Isaiah , lx. All are at rest Whom work oppressed; Let me, in silent wonder, Thy work, Lord, within my breast, Here in silence ponder. O could I there Take part, however lowly, In those choirs which ever sing, Holy! O Saviour blest, My Help and Rest! Drum auf, Zion! Advent Hymn. This is the Lord; we have waited for Him: we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation.

Isaiah , xxv. That which holy men of old, Those who throng the Sacred Pages, Waited for through countless ages; Alleluia! Now the wished for Morning breaketh; Hark! Patriarchs erst and priests aspiring, Kings and prophets long desiring, Saw not this before they died: Lo! See its beams to earth directed!

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Welcome, O Thou long-expected! Come, thyself as offering bringing, Come, thou Bride, for ever singing, Alleluia! Wachet auf! Steht auf, die Lampen nehmt!

Nun komm, Du werthe Kron! Herr Jesu Gottes Sohn! Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him. Matthew , xxv. Jerusalem, awake! Come forth, ye virgins wise! The Bridegroom comes, arise! Each lamp be bright, With ready light, To grace the Marriage-Feast to-night!