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Some of the meditational deities into whose practice Lama Yeshe was initiated were Heruka, Vajrabhairava and Guhyasamaja, representing respectively the compassion, wisdom and skilful means of a fully enlightened being. In addition, he studied the famous Six Yogas of Naropa, following a commentary based on the personal experiences of Je Tsong Khapa. At the age of eight he was ordained as a novice monk by the venerable Purchog Jampa Rinpoche. During all this training one of Lama Yeshe's recurring prayers was to be able some day to bring the peaceful benefits of spiritual practice to those beings ignorant of the Dharma.

This phase of his education came to an end in As Lama Yeshe himself has said, "In that year the Chinese kindly told us that it was time to leave Tibet and meet the outside world. At the Tibetan settlement camp of Buxa Duar he continued his studies from where they had been interrupted. While in Tibet he had already received instruction in Prajnaparamita the perfection of wisdom , Madhyamika philosophy the middle way and logic. In India his education proceeded with courses in the vinaya rules of discipline and the abhidharma system of metaphysics.

He also attended additional tantric initiations and discourses and, at the age of twenty eight, received full monk's ordination from Kyabje Ling Rinpoche.

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One of Lama Yeshe's gurus in both Tibet and Buxa Duar was Geshe Rabten, a highly learned practitioner famous for his single-minded concentration and powers of logic. This compassionate guru had a disciple named Thubten Zopa Rinpoche and, at Geshe Rabten's suggestion, Zopa Rinpoche began to receive additional instruction from Lama Yeshe. Zopa Rinpoche was a young boy at the time and the servant caring for him wanted very much to entrust him permanently to Lama Yeshe.

Upon consultation with Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, this arrangement was decided upon and they were together until Lama's death in Lama Osel is now studying in one of the main Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in south India. He will again take on the position as Director of the Organization once he has finished his formal monastic studies. Every living being has the potential to be free from suffering and to develop limitless love and compassion for others.

Working to help human beings fulfill this potential are the individuals, meditation groups, monasteries, retreat centers, publishing houses, businesses and members who are part of the FPMT. FPMT students try to serve others throughout the world with kindness and wisdom.

We are a rapidly growing non-profit organization participating in many aspects of the world community. Some of the projects which are part of FPMT are:. To make the teachings of Buddha available to benefit as many people as possible, and To offer those following the Buddhist teachings a complete path of study and practice, along with the environment they need to explore the teachings to their fullest. Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche ? Rich attended Fordham University, graduating in After graduation he worked as a physical therapist in New York and in Los Angeles.

He first encountered the Vidyadhara in in Boulder, Colorado, and made an instant and strong connection with him. In , he was appointed to the first Vajradhatu Board of Directors and was later appointed executive vice-president of both Vajradhatu and Nalanda. In , when Trungpa Rinpoche went on an extended retreat, he left the management and primary teaching responsibilities of Vajradhatu in the hands of the Vajra Regent.

Trungpa Rinpoche and the Vajra Regent worked closely together on many projects, including co-founding the Shambhala Training Program. In addition to his teaching and administrative duties, the Vajra Regent also practiced dharma art, including calligraphy, poetry, and photography. For many years, Trungpa Rinpoche had indicated his intention to relocate the executive headquarters of Vajradhatu and Shambhala Training in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In , the Vajra Regent and his family moved to Nova Scotia to take up residence there. He guided the sangha through this transition, as well as through the difficult period following Trungpa Rinpoche's death in In the Vajra Regent himself became gravely ill with AIDS and there was dissension in the community around the leadership of the organizations.

On August 25, , he passed away in San Francisco, California.

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The Vajra Regent's wife, Lila Rich, their four children, and a group of his students continue to live in Ojai, California. The Vajra Regent was both an inspiring teacher and an effective administrator. His example was powerful as well as provocative. Through his inspiration, joyful energy, and hard work many students encountered the teachings of Buddhism and Shambhala Training and embarked upon the practice of meditation. He played a vital role in the task of planting these profound spiritual teachings firmly in the Western world.

Merwin Incident.

Kelder, Peter : The eye of revelation. Colonel Bradford returned to England after 23 years and looked more younger. He was over 70 and looked as 45 old man — without his stick, youngful, movable, and his afore grey hair was dark. It seems that during his travels to India, some years ago, Colonel Bradford had heard the interesting stories of a group of lamas who had discovered the secret of eternal youth. The lamas lived in monasteries, where the secret had been kept due to their remote location. Colonel Bradford, who had, like many other men, grown old at the age of forty and was not getting younger since , told Kedler that he intended to go to India and look for this monastery.

He asked Kedler to come along, but Kedler refused, wondering shortly after if this was the right decision. Many years later, Kedler received a letter from Colonel Bradford. The very exciting news were that not only had the Colonel found the fountain of youth, but that he was bringing it back to the USA, two months later. This was about four years after Kedler had last seen the Colonel.

When he finally arrived, Kedler could not recognize him. His gray hair had mostly disappeared and he looked decades younger. The Colonel then went on to tell his story. After many months of wanderings in northern India, the Colonel headed for Tibet. After a long and perilous expedition in the Himalayas, which followed a thorough investigation to find the location of the monastery, the Colonel finally arrived to the land of eternal youth. They constantly kept their strength and vitality.

The lamas explained to Colonel Bradford that the chakras, also called vortexes, are powerful energy centers, that govern the endocrine system of the body, which, in turn, regulates the process of aging. There are 7 vortexes or chakras, and anyone that has studied yoga is familiar with them. So the key to eternal, or at least greatly prolonged youth, is to keep the chakras spinning full spine, and one of the ways to do this is to practice the five Tibetans everyday.

Normalize the rate of speed, and the old person becomes like new again.

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Piburn, co-founder of Snow Lion, boasts no diplomatic credentials, but his familiarity with things Tibetan won him the confidence of numerous authorities- political as well as scholarly. The Aiellos could have had no better point man in their company when, in , the fledgling publishers met with the Dalai Lama in Toronto to discuss a business plan. At that point Snow Lion was not a purely Tibetan enterprise, but the Aiellos and Piburn wanted Tibetan texts to figure largely in their stock and trade. They sought advice from the Dalai Lama on the best way to go about publishing Tibetan literature and HH was far more than forthcoming.

The Dalai Lama suggested a broad list of titles that would appeal to the general public as well as to practicing Buddhists and Tibetan scholars. His advice was well taken and the meeting, apparently winding down, was deemed successful. But the Dalai Lama had a surprise for the Ithaca trio. Without solicitation of any kind, he made a flat-out offer: His U. It would take four years for Snow Lion to publish Kindness, Clarity and Insight , but having the Dalai Lama's imprimatur put the little house on the map. In the mean time, the Aiellos had by personal necessity bowed out of the venture.

They turned the entire business over the Piburn. Snow Lion was incorporated and Piburn suddenly found himself promoted from consultant to owner and his Tibetan Buddhist training put to a stress test as he sweated out the lean years. In , Piburn forged a partnership with Jeff Cox, a friend and associate with a business background and an abiding interest in Eastern religion and Tibetan culture. Together they worked to secure funding and to meet a nose crunching deadline for Kindness Clarity and Insight : The Dalai Lama was due for his second U.

Under pressure, Snow Lion managed to finish the book, which sold 10, copies and requried three reprints to meet demand. No small task under the circumstances. The Dalai Lama's book synergized Snow Lion and spared it from an early grave.

It was a close call: by the time Kindness, Clarity and Insight came out, Snow Lion's resources were depleted, its thin shelf of eight titles completely out of stock. On the tail winds of Kindness, Clarity and Insight , a growing relationship with Hopkins and the University of Virginia led to three new books and suddenly Snow Lion had momentum.

Cox, who helped to guide Snow Lion from red to black, initiated a free international newsletter, a project that not only boosted Tibet, but helped to spread Snow Lion's name throughout the Tibetan community-at-large.


The newsletter contained everything Tibetan," said Cox. Today, Snow Lion produces 20 new titles in a year. The small company's rise paralleled, even helped stimulate, a passionate global fascination with Tibetan religion, culture and political issues. Long before Tibetan struggles became a Hollywood cause celebe, Snow Lion was reaching an audience of people who normally would not have had access to Tibetan materials.

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In , there were three Buddhist centers in the U. Tibetan arts groups and performers and Tibetan teachers as well as monks appeared in diverse settings across America. These saffron and crimson robed emissaries were a cultural phenomenon that eventually influenced Congress to pass an immigration bill allowing for the Tibetan Resettlement Project of and Just about then, as far as Snow Lion was concerned, all heaven broke loose. Ten years after the Dalai Lama's personal offer galvanized the Snow Lion mission, HH again came to the aid of the determined Ithaca house.

This time however, the blessing came through the will of the world.

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Something of a Dalai Lama primer, it categorized commentary from HH on a variety of general topics. The Dalai Lama, Policy of Kindness served to portray the Dalai Lama as a worldly-wise, accessible leader of great character and appeal. The text was picked up as a Book-of-the-Month Club and more than 70, copies have been sold.

In , Piburn helped arrange a Dalai Lama visit to Cornell University and almost inadvertantly positioned Snow Lion as a primary source for authentic Tibetan texts, from the popular to the esoteric. Business ran apace and Snow Lion outgrew several locations in downtown Ithaca. Today, with titles and several publishing sidelines such as gift cards and bumper stickers, Snow Lion is housed in a converted warehouse on the city's West End business district with offices in a modest residence next door.

Small Tibetan prayer flags hanging outside a freight entrance offer some hint at the doings within, but otherwise the site exhibits little of the exotic. True to its mission, Snow Lion continues to publish books that would likely never find their way into print. And they tackle projects no bottom-line publisher would touch.