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That says a lot about a comic if you can still remember it not just fondly but also so clearly even after so many years.

This issue is focused on laying out the concept behind T. That is why we get a lot more of guys in jackets and ties rather then guys in costumes. I think this is a smart approach since most comic fans today probably know nothing at all about the back-story of the T. Agents and since this new series does, at least in someway, build on the original series.

Origin and 1st appearance of Lightining. Agents in "Double for Dynamo" art by Wood. Lightning pin-up by Wood.

THUNDER Agents (1965 Tower) comic books

Cover by Wood. Agents in "Subterranean Showdown" art by George Tuska? Iron Maiden pin-up by Wood. First letters page. Agents in "Final Encounter" art by Wood. Overlord pin-up by Wood. Agents in "Kitten or Killer? Al Williamson cover pencils, Wood cover inks. R Agents in "The Fist of Zeus". Kane cover.


Wood Cover. Dynamo in "Amazing Mr. Crandall Cover.

"Heroes Who Never Say Die!" The T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents

Dynamo stars in "Half an Hour of Power! Reprints from earlier issues. Dollar Bin Codeword. Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced. Issue 1. Series writer Nick Spencer has chosen to buck common practice with recent revivals, saying that the entire run of the original series is part of continuity. With that in mind, your humble bottomless pit of knowledge has cracked open the longboxes and prepared this brief on The Higher United Nations Defense Enforcement Reserves.

Wally Wood and his team hits the ground running — in one 64 page book he sets up a fully functioning universe, introduces almost a dozen characters and gives them all a chance to shine. Jennings was working on a number of devices, but since he never committed any notes to paper, their purposes are mysterious and their workings are irreproducible. Len Brown was only a clerk at T. The belt takes an enormous toll on the body of the wearer; wearing it for more than a half-hour at a time runs the risk of killing him.

After overexerting himself in one of his first missions, the belt is fitted with a timer to protect Len. Anthony Dunn is one of T. He places his body in suspended animation and successfully transfers his consciousness into one of a a series of android bodies of his creation.

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Furthermore, he is able to transfer his mind from one android to another, rendering him functionally immortal, so long as he had access to another body. The organization assigns him an invisibility cloak, another creation of Professor Jennings, and the name NoMan.

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As long as he is within broadcast range of another body, Dunn can switch to a backup almost instantly. The third device to be assigned, a mental intensifier helmet, goes to John Janus, who won out against many other volunteers in a battery of tests and physical challenges.

He is also a mole, an agent in the employ of The Warlord, and being assigned his powerful invention seems a massive win for the criminal mastermind. That is, until he puts the helmet on, and is amazed to discover that not only is he granted amazing powers of telekinesis, telepathy and more, the helmet prevents him from committing an evil act. When wearing the helmet he is a loyal agent of T.

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Not all of the agents have super powers, however. Bear in mind, this is ALL in the first issue! New characters are introduced in almost every issue — the super-robot Dynavac faces down Dynamo next issue, and in issue 4, Squad member Guy Gilbert is assigned the Speed Inducer Suit and become the speedster agent Lightning. Like the other devices, his power comes at a cost — each time he uses the suit, his metabolism is accelerated to the point that he ages as fast as he runs.