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They follow the game she left and find her dead at the end. I think she accidentally died. Shenanaginzz90 gmail. I'm trying to find a book I started reading in time frame, it was paperback and had more than pages I wanna say.

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It's about about a girl moving with her parents to an island far from her home town, she talks to her best friend over the computer via a chat room and she notices oneday there is another person in the chat room but wasnt invited by the girls and doesnt say anything. I ended up losing the book and wasn't able to finish but would really like too.

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I can't remember the name of it, the author, or any characters from it. I lost it over 10 years ago. I'm trying to find a book I started reading back in timeframe, it was paperback and had more than pages if I remember correctly. Its about a teenage girl, wanna say middle school age range, moving to a small island with her parents. I cant remember the name of the book, what the cover looks like, the author, or any characters names as it was over ten years ago.

Looking for a book about a boy who gets draw into a fight between magic siblings I think there are seven a sister who controls law and one who controls time along with a brother who controls entertainment he then finds out hes also one of the sibling and goes back in time multiple times. Looking for a series of books I read in my high school library during The stories revolve around three female friends, either in high school or college.

Two white girls and one black girl with one being named Faith, I think. It dealt with normal teen drama, football, young love etc.

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  4. I just remembered reading these but can't remember the author, the book titles and the other girls' names. I read a paper back in about these villages and they had a ritual where they cooked and ate babies if their lot was drawn. One mother did not want to give up her baby for the community meal. Looking for a book read to us by our grade school librarian.

    It had a yellow and white cover. Adventure book about a brother and sister that starts out in an airplane and then they fall out and wind up in a jungle. I think they meet a monkey.

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    I'm looking for a novel that I read many years ago about this boy who got turned into a Gorgon by a female friend. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of this book or the Author. I think the writer's first name is Robert. It is a fictional work that tells the story of how Americans are in dire straights after oil fields in the middle east are contaminated. The effects of not having fuel create nightmare scenarios with lack of food and safety being paramount.

    Gangs roam everywhere and neighbors become pitted against one another. Finding a vehicle with gas to so that many things can be found including information on where help might be found,. I would be very happy to have information about this book so I can read it again. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Hello, I'm looking for a book about a girl named Kate or Katie or Katherine but I am positive that it started with a K. I remember her having long black hair. K and her mom lived with each other since her dad I think had died from war or something because it was based in the 's but anyways her mom found another man who had blonde hair and lived on a farm with his 2 other children.

    They got married and K and her mom had to move to the farm since it was easier for them o something. They all went to school that was a while away but they all had to walk. In the school, it was one room that all the grades were in and they all had that same teacher. The older son had a friend who sat right behind K and he pulled her braid. She didn't like that and she hated him for a while. So skipping ahead of the book the three of them go on all of these adventures solving mysteries and she eventually develops feelings for the older brother's best friend.

    I remember her mom and new dad having a baby together. I also remember there being 10 books in the series and the title being something like "The Thompson Family". I tried looking that up but it showed something else. Thank You! OK, i have no idea if this is based on a book or not, but i'm lookinf for a story, potentially a movie where a boy named Jim i think goes to visit his grandma Sarah i think that's her name too haha for christmas.

    He is haunted by Tom's ghost who was Sarah's brother who died in the house's library fire whiles saving her.

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    Tom being his grandfather's also called jim i think best friend when they were young. The fire occurs around christmas.


    And i can't figure out what the name is. The ghost of The haunting of.. I've been scratching my head over this for a year now haha. So, a few years ago I read the first couple of books from epic fantasy series whose title and author escape me.

    I was reading them on a borrowed Kindle, so I can't even describe the cover. In the series, the dwarfs want to invade the gnomes' tunnels because they believe the gnomes have awakened an ancient evil. A gnome girl is banished and along with her dog, Wolf, joins a band of dwarfs, elves, and humans to stop the evil. A wizard has taken over the kingdom and is using a plant to force people to work until they die. The parents of the gnome girl are trying to find her and get separated.

    The mother ends up being captured and tortured by the dwarfs. The father ends up befriending a band of dwarf scouts and kills an infamous wolf that has been terrorizing the mountains for years. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Hi so I really need to know the name and author of this book.

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    It has been bothering me for so long. Thanks you.

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    I'm looking for a young adult fiction book that was about an abandoned plot of land. The book tells the story of this plot of land from different perspectives. For example, there is one woman who plants a garden in the lot. Hello, I am looking for a young adult fiction book that featured a red cover with elastic closure. The book was about a young man looking for his father with the d of a young woman.

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    The book featured maps, illustrations, ticket stubs and drawings in a rustic manner. It was set in the past and included sea travel. The name or author would be greatly appreciated. The book was about a young man looking for his father with the add of a young woman.

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    Looking for an adult title. This book takes place during the 's and is about a black girl who moved to England to be a server at a home. All I know is the title has the word "house" in it.