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Bodies bulldozed into graves. And God was where? He was calm and clear. He approached the topic academically but with sensitivity. He had his points, and he made them. I pictured the agnostic pushing his glasses up his nose and gesticulating wildly.

How Can God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering?

Not long after I heard that debate, I learned that the father of an acquaintance was walking his dog in the country when a truck accidentally left the road and hit him. Since he was a local radio personality, the news article covering his death drew quite a few comments online. God must have needed another angel in heaven, one of the first commentators wrote. I wanted to ask.

The problem

This comforts you? When God starts running low on angels, He zaps a few humans—problem solved? While one can do so in a lot more words, the problem of evil is rarely, if ever, stated differently than this: God is all powerful. God is all loving. Evil and suffering exist. You get the idea. The Christian can, in turn, attempt an academic response, which might include something about free will or logical impossibilities or the best of all possible worlds.

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Which is no small thing, truly, but cold comfort in the face of holocausts or tsunamis, the deaths of parents or children. Alternatively, Christians can forgo debates entirely and aim instead for a heart of comfort. The heart of the Gospel story is the assertion that God saw our brokenness and pain and sin and would not look away, instead sending His Son to die for us and heal the world.

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But the obvious, unasked question is: What took him so long? But mystery is a conversation-stopper and, like bankruptcy or the ejector seat, only useful as a last resort.

God Allows Evil and God is Evil? (#2) response

Picture mystery as a brick wall in our proverbial path. When we reach it, we stop. We can get past them.

So, to answer the question Why does God allow evil and suffering? Now for some thoughts that have probably already occurred to you. Any adequate Christian response to evil and suffering which is completely different from the comfort we would offer a person in the midst of suffering almost certainly has to include aspects of all three: the intellectual, the emotional and the mysterious. As time stretched on from the point of that experience, you were able to place the pain within the larger context of your life.

If you have pierced ears, ask yourself a similar question. The pain you experienced at the point of the piercing is nearly forgotten, especially if it has been years since it occurred. If the Christian worldview is true, we are eternal beings who will live forever. We get more than ninety years, we get all of eternity.

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Our experience and understanding of pain and evil must be contextualized within eternity , not within our temporal lives. Whatever we experience here in our earthly life, no matter how difficult or painful it may be, must be seen through the lens of forever. As our eternal life stretches out beyond our struggles in mortality, our temporal experiences will become an ever-shrinking percentage of our consciousness. Our life with God will be a life without suffering, without pain and without evil.

As our glorious eternal life with God stretches beyond our temporal experience, whatever suffering or injustice we might have experienced here on earth will seem like it occurred in the blink of an eye. In the context of the Christian eternal life, pain, suffering and evil can be faced and endured with strength, hope and confidence unavailable in an atheistic worldview.

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