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This unit is receiving damage until the source of the smell is taken care of. Lasts 99 turns. This unit feels bad about hitting a poor homeless guy While in a given battle stage, enemies will attempt to use First Choice abilities. If impossible due to focus, silencing or cooldowns , they will proceed to Second Choice , etc. Cooldown for enemies indicates how often abilities may be used, and is effectively one less than for Sonny IE cooldown of 2 can be used every second turn Enemy-targetting abilities have a chance of targetting the weakest enemy rather than targetting at random; this is given in the Attributes section above.

Ally-targetting abilities always target the weakest targetable ally. Selection within a category is random unless indicated. All exceptions noted below. Beer, weed, and cigarettes get their own budget. But the piggy bank keeps getting raided to buy more beer, weed, and loose tobacco. Apparently the clutch fund is available to raid on an as-needed basis. Petty cash is to be spent on getting drunk and stoned.

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The moments of bliss are real. As dusk settles in, we head to the beach to gather driftwood, strolling past thick clumps of bull kelp and a dead seal buried in the sand. Both these kids can sing their butts off. And here it is: the hobo dream. Right at this moment, you can lie down on the floor of the forest and breathe it all in.

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No one really knows, or cares, where we are. We have nothing to do, nowhere to be.

We have fire. We have music. We have beer and weed. What more could anyone want? Try not to jump moving boxcars. Instead, the safer method is to case out a train yard, learn the schedule for crew changes, and then sneak onto a stopped train, into one of the often unmanned engines at the back, known as a distributed power unit, or DPU.

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Once you learn crew-change schedules, you can trade them with other hobos for goods and services. But never, ever post the schedules online because…. Violating the hobo code will get your ass kicked. For all their hippie rep, hobos are plenty comfortable with street justice. Do they green-light people for talking about green-lighting?

The bliss never lasts, and when it ends, it ends ugly. And cursing.

The Hobo Inn, Elbe

Suddenly I remember we are not alone out here. We all scramble up from the fire and hustle across the lot, where Trevor is helping out a man named Harry, who is nursing a giant gash above his eye. Harry explains how he was attacked by another drifter camped out nearby: a man named Richard, whom everyone out here knows and everyone out here tries to avoid.

I ask him if he wants to go to a hospital.

The Hobo Code: The Secret Language of America’s Working Class

I want the cops to come and arrest his ass. I just want his ass arrested. This son of a bitch over here… He took a rock from his goddamn campfire, came after me like a mad dog and kicked the fucking living shit out of me. About 20 yards away, Richard is ranting and raving by his campfire.

He also seems to have an inexhaustible capacity for swearing out loud. I served Lord Jesus because I can. I back away from Richard and retreat to the wounded Harry, still propped up next to the black school bus, still bleeding. I ask Tilly if the Vagabus has a first-aid kit. Rejecting society means also forfeiting many of its support systems.

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Back at the campfire, I ask Huck if we should check on Harry later tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning. He just got his ass kicked. Out here, getting your ass kicked happens.

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Farkus tells me about his friend Nick Henri, who slit his own throat and wrists while living under a bridge in Montana. He makes sure Hero Boy believes in Santa by the end of that trip. He even stamps Believe onto Hero Boys Ticket. His voice is exactly the same as Adult Hero boy. If there are any Holes in my theory, please tell me, and share your theories. One time I had a church group tell me the hobo was satan. God was Santa. I have no idea the correlation. They've got it wrong, it's Santa is Satan, and the Hobo is God. As far as the budget goes the polar express had revolutionary animation for the time they were trying new and intricate digital animation tactics for the movie roller coaster style drop, ticket floating out of train and taken by wolves, etc.

I don't know the break down but a lot of the budget probably went to the animation. The Hobo: the Hobo reappears at the end of the film after Hero Boy gets off the train but then the Hobo dissipates into snow again, so I'm not sure him turning into snow is tied to dying at flat top tunnel. Secondly the hobo doesn't deny Santa's existence or anything, he just laughs at the idea of Santa being the "King of the North Pole", a title he gives to himself. What he really does for the Hero boy is ask if he believes in Santa, but never gives his own opinion, he also asks if Hero Boy believes in ghosts, so perhaps there is a parallel there.

Tom Hanks has a great voice for several roles, why not let him do it?

Hero boy and The Conductor don't look that much alike. Also even if they did look alike, then Hero boy would also have to look like a young version of the Hobo to fit your theory. I agree with all but your 3, he wouldn't need to look like the hobo, because he will never be the hobo. He believes now, even as an adult, so he never would become a cynic.