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For the record, I am also anti—Tom Bombadil.

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I like stories that are tighter and sprinkled with threads that tie together at the end. Because of time, movies necessarily tighten up stories. The LOTR movies compressed a lot. And I only need like 11 hours to watch the extended editions. In a rare twist of events for me, I saw the movie The Princess Bride well before I knew it was based on a book, let alone before I read it.

Quote by Henry David Thoreau: “A truly good book…teaches me better than to rea”

When I finally picked up the novel, I was so incredibly disappointed. Where was my colorful cast of characters? Where was my exciting and quirky plot line? Where was the humor? And, maybe most importantly, where was young Cary Elwes? I found the novel to be wanting at best and trudged my way through what felt like an unpolished piece. When I was in high school, this was one of my favorite movies. I started the book expecting to be blown away but spent most of it really bored. She has a bit of a tone problem; she comes of snarky, cynical, and a little narcissistic. But lucky us!

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This less-than-lovable memoir led to a wonderful movie, featuring goddesses Meryl Streep and Amy Adams! In this case, skip the book and watch the movie instead.

Smart reading hack 4: Abandon good books for great books.

Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, the idea of a horrible, man-eating beast lurking just beyond the drop off was something that my young mind could easily latch onto. The dark stones, the churning waves, the press of bodies—I was instantly transported to the movie. Reading can give us a sense of belongingness that we all instinctively want as human beings, according to Green.

Researchers at the University at Buffalo showed in an experiment that reading actually satisfies that need for human connection because it can mimic what we feel during real social interactions. Reading fiction also helps us better understand, connect with and interact with others in the real world after we put that book down. Research from he and his colleagues showed that people who reported reading the most fiction scored higher on both empathy tests and social ability tests.

Research shows that people who reported reading the most fiction scored higher on both empathy tests and social ability tests.

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If you can identify with a character in some way, you actually get to lead a different life temporarily and, of course, in a limited way , says Oatley. Multiple studies have replicated these findings , Oatley says. Do you think books are better than films?

Send us your thoughts - childrens. ABitCrazy The thing is And it's more common to find people that prefer to sit in front of the television all day than it is to find someone that wants to sit at home reading all day. I love reading with a passion; I love letting my imagination run wild and imagining what all these characters look like and how they're feeling. Films don't do that for you but books do!

Tim Minchin — The Good Book (Unofficial)

Almost all books that become bestsellers get turned into films and sometimes the films really please you and sometimes it can be soul-destroying! Two of my favourite series of books have both been turned into films - The Hunger Games and Twilight. And after watching the first Hunger Games it totally ruined the book for me forever. I can't imagine the Hunger Games the way I used to when I re-read the book. The Hunger Games was somewhere to escape to on a good or bad day; it made you forget where you were and start being a different person, even if it only lasted the length of a book. It felt like it was my life and not Katniss's but now that I've seen the film I no longer imagine how the characters looked and reacted to everything.

But watching and reading Twilight didn't feel quite like that, because when Twilight first came out in cinemas I was to young to watch it so I wasn't interested in it but as we all know Twilight is now one of the most popular teen books and movies ever! So once I got to the age of wanting to watch and read the books it was too late to think up my own imagination of the book because by then I had seen and read so many things about Twilight I already knew most of what happened.

So films in some ways ruin books for children. And if the Hunger Games turns out like Twilight - all the people that are too young to watch it now but might when they are older will have already seen all the trailers and read all the articles in magazines - the experience of reading the book will be totally ruined for them.

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  6. And then you have people that just skip the book and go straight to the film. I understand that some people actually don't like reading so they probably won't read the book but they might watch the film, but to just skip the book completely because they're desperate to watch the film is disappointing. I like to read the books first to know where it all started and why they decided to make a film out of it.

    Smart reading hack 1: View books as an experiment

    I didn't read all of The Host Stephenie Meyer's other novel before I saw the film but I did read some of it and it was a great book from what I read but also a great film. And of course sometimes films seem to be the same idea as the book had but are not actually based on the book. And that's a bit like what films do to books. They make it seem like they've taken the idea from the book but switched it up so it's not actually anything to do with the book.