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Don't put off anything you can take care of the day before the big day. You want to give yourself plenty of time to visit with guests, keep an eye on the turkey and tend to last-minute chores. No one expects a gourmet meal for Thanksgiving. Everyone wants to pitch in and be a part of the holiday. Build on those two simple principles with easy ideas that create festive fun. All of us here at Safeguard Self Storage wish you a wonderful start to the holidays. Count on us through the season and into the New Year.

This reserve will be communicated to bidders before bidding begins. Each unit will be auctioned separately. Some months a facility may only have one unit for auction and other months there may be quite a few. Our employees cannot touch any items in the storage space. We are only able to communicate any visible items in the unit. Before bidding on a unit, each bidder has the opportunity to look inside the unit from the outside.

Bidders bid on units as a whole, items are not separated out for individual auction. If you see something you want, bid on it! Sometimes personal records, photographs, wedding certificates, and other personal or sentimental items are found in storage units. We ask that if you purchase a unit containing these items that you kindly return the items to us so the prior tenant can retrieve them. Once purchasing a storage unit, buyers have 24 hours to remove all items from the unit or enter into a month-to-month lease with YourSpace Storage.

So, yes, I understand bidding has to be really risky. There has to be a chance to lose money. A game should be fun, not a battle against futility. Has to be a challenge. But this game definitely misses the mark in that regard, to lame and disappointing affect. I love this game! Play it a lot in my spare time! But something that is really annoying me caused my rating to go down dramatically. When you first go in the game you are offered a starter bundle.

The timer will say it ends it 24 hours.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

Back to 48 hours or whatever it is. This is really annoying. I hate having to click the x every time. If this could get fixed then I would give it 5 stars but until then it will remain as it is now.

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To ad to the frustration they designed the game to encourage you to spend real money to get fake money to buy power ups to help you win. But like the title says way too many ads. You want to go to an auction watch an ad, win the auction watch an ad, not get anything at the auction watch an ad, sneeze while playing the game To make things even worse some of the ads are the videos of real gameplay from pc games but advertising a phone game that's gameplay is no where near the videos in the ad.

Now getting bored with it about to delete. This last round I passed on 15 straight lockers and watched the app players not profit more than 5k in all 15 lockers. It is unfortunate the bidding is horrible or maybe pointless is the best word for it. The ai goes on its own little "bid war" to get the auction within a few hundred then its up to you whether they went over or maybe you can make a few bucks. Nothing like watching 6 unopened crates go for 10k.

Alot of times I found myself leaving the auction out of boredom. I gave an extra star more than it deserves because the shop where you can make some extra cash was a great add though the pawn feature lacks any substance to it. The game has loads of potential but falls far short of entertaining. Also my earlier review that held 3 stars was removed, not very honest developers I would think.

Fun and entertaining to begin, but the game becomes way too difficult way too quickly. At first, you have fun, maybe you spend a bit to have a bit more fun. But, before long you get to a level where there is no more profit to be made. Add to that the unfortunate fact that once you manage to conquer an area, moving on to the next area still costs you a significant portion of your in-game money.

Progression costs you the very thing you strive to gain through progressing? Game starts out fun, fair, and entertaining. How it has a 4. This game gets you interested and then pull the fun out of it. It has some great features but not before long when get to city three, the auctions get ridiculous.

The door opens and there are 5 items, 3 you can identify and 2 crates.

Bid Wars - Storage Auctions and Pawn Shop Tycoon

If you bid on the auction and win, you ended up over paying ridiculously, if you let the computer have it, it makes a profit. So without the special tools you have to pay for, you pretty much loose every time. Screw this game and screw the money grubbing ———- that work on it. Games are suppose to be fun, not make you hate playing games. All in good fun? Considering doing this myself. Shame on your choices!!

But if you someone who likes to play this game often the more you login you get to higher levels what you have to spend , to , to get to a new level. Should t they go broke as well. Error not noticed is my guess for that kind of stupid. Why does there have to be an ad every 2 minutes? I get advertising pays for the free app but this is a bit much, buuuut, the game is still awesome and I find it very relaxing.

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I would definitely recommend this game to friends. The beginning of the game is fun. This has happened multiple times. They bid so high there is no way you can make a profit or even win the locker.

You have to either watch an ad or wait to get that one energy to hit 7 so you can play a third round. Energy cap needs to be higher and bidding needs to become more fair. And lives Need to Generate quicker or make a way to where you can earn more lives faster. And the pawn people need to be able to negotiate more. Get the little things fixed and this game could be awsome!!! The game is fun and reminds me of the tv show by the ads and money making schemes in this game is ridiculous. Almost an ad after every single auction that half the time when you exit out of it it brings up another ad behind it.

They only give you 20 energy and it takes 7 to go to an auction.

Game would be more fun if they stopped being greedy and pushing you toward spending more money. Honestly I know it is a pay to win game but this is just stupid.

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The biggest issue I have with the game comes to the auctions and people bidding wildly to the point no one makes profits. The point of this game should not to be to spend your energy to routinely lose money because the bots bid everything way above value and then come away with nothing, especially with how long it takes for energy to regenerate. Plenty of room for improvement. It is getting slower!!!

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    Thank you. Even if you pay to go add free you still have to watch them to gain gold bars unless you want to buy them. It was suggested I select the game and redownload it. Screw that. No time killing game is worth that.

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    Love it but lost all my gold and power ups Over a month now and nothing has fixed it. I changed my rating one star lower now. Help please!