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100. "I don't have friends. I got family."

And, most important, without data how else can we continue to steal all the QOMs from my local racing nemesis? They're called "active recovery days," and since the dawn of the sport, triathletes have been using them to avoid taking actual rest days which, quite frankly, scare the hell out of us. Does it make physiological sense to not take rest days? Of course not—it's actually a prescription for illness and injury.

But let us just go on a quick minute shake-out run and we promise we'll rest next week OK first, why do you care? Secondly, and we'll put this as delicately as possible—we absolutely wet ourselves.

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Unless there is some type of serious GI issue going on that necessitates a Porta-Potty stop, any competitive triathlete is going to stand up in the saddle mid-descent and let nature take its course. C'mon man, that's like two minutes we could shave off our PR!

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What you did was a triathlon, and most likely a sprint-distance one. There are many different lengths of triathlons, but only one iron-distance type of race. We've encountered this oversight so many times that We've considered making a handout to keep with me and give to people on such occasions. While this might be true sometimes, chances are we're not even close to being done and you telling us that isn't making it any easier.

There are mile markers along the course, and we know just how many more painful miles there are left.

We'd rather you tell us how well we're doing instead—a little ego stroke never hurt nobody. While rhabdomyolysis—a breakdown of muscle tissue that can release harmful proteins into the bloodstream— has been in the news lately , that doesn't mean every single bit of somewhat-intense exercise is bad. In fact, high-intensive interval training is more effective than its less-extreme counterparts.

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  4. And more likely than not, we know our limits and training for a triathlon may seem pretty intense to an outsider, but, in reality, it's just what the doctor ordered. While, yes, it may seem like we spend a lot of my time working out, we do spend time doing many other things, such as eating, spending time with other triathlon friends, eating more food, getting a good night's sleep before the morning's training and did I mention eating? Want to know a secret? We don't really have the time either, but we make it work.

    Plus, not every triathlon involves a time-consuming training schedule. Chances are you could probably already bike the 10K and run the 5K already. Well, yes, we may have finished that triathlon, but that doesn't mean we're done with triathlon altogether. It's not a one-and-done sport. Chances are, once we cross the finish line of one race, we've either already signed up for the next or plan on doing so soon. More Triathlon Articles. Look for this banner for recommended activities.

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    Find: Your Next Triathlon. It looks stupid. Why are you going to bed? Are you a small child? It took me two hours and I walked the whole run. Back to Beginning. Underdog also regularly faced enemies from alien worlds, such as the Marbleheads from the planet Granite, the Magnet Men of the Magnet Planet, the aliens from the planet Zot, and the Flying Sorcerers of the Saucer Planet. The majority of the Underdog adventures were presented in the form of four-part serial episodes. A — NBC run featured all four parts of an Underdog storyline in one half-hour show. The series was first syndicated in the U.

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    On these interstitial cartoons, Tennessee Tuxedo, a penguin, was accompanied by two friends, slow-witted walrus Chumley and Professor Phineas J. Whoopee was voiced by Larry Storch of F Troop fame. When he is not Underdog, he is incognito as Shoeshine Boy.

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    Like Superman, when trouble calls, he hurriedly dresses in a phone booth which would inexplicably explode upon his conversion. On occasion, to replenish his powers, he would take an "Underdog Super Energy Pill". This pill was first introduced in episode 9.

    He keeps one of these pills inside a special ring he wears at all times. He tells everyone who will listen this "secret" of his super powers. When the series was syndicated in the s and s, the scenes of him taking his energy pill were edited out. Underdog is shown to have incredible superhuman powers. However, the number and scope of his superpowers are inconsistent from episode to episode, being subject not only to the conventions of superhero comics, but also to the conventions of humorous cartoons.

    In one episode, he easily moved planets, safely butting against them with his rear end. In another episode, his Super Energy Pill, diluted billions of times when added to a city's water system, was capable of giving normal humans who drank the water enough strength to easily bend thick steel bars.

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    Among his many powers shown on the show are: super strength, super speed, supersonic flight, physical invulnerability, X-ray vision, super breath, cosmic vision, atomic breath, atomizing eyes, heat vision, ultrasonic hearing, a supersonic high-pitch hi-fi voice and a great calculating brain. The show is also remembered for its title song, "Underdog," which was arranged and produced by Robert Weitz, with lyrics by Chester Stover, W.

    The original song was sung by Robert Ragaini. I remember how pleased I was that I'd taken that mouthful of words and made them understandable. Oh yes, they paid me 50 dollars. Until I heard it again, year after year. By then I'd become a successful jingle singer and I knew what I should have been making.

    When it came out as the music track of a Reebok commercial I filed a claim with the Screen Actors Guild, but of course I had no documentation. A friend did give me an Underdog T-shirt. I wore it once, but when a man I passed on West 14th Street started singing the song, I retired it. On July 24, , Classic Media released Underdog on DVD in region 1 in a three-volume collection, following a previous three-volume set released in the late s. Each volume features six digitally remastered and uncut, original broadcast episodes, each featuring two Underdog segments along with additional cartoons from the Total TV library.

    On February 21, , Shout! Factory under license from Classic Media released a 9-disc Complete Series set containing new bonus material, including commentaries. According to Shout!