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But how was Wrath able to 'get over it' so quickly? Yes, Wrath can smell the truth, but if I was him, I would have wanted to know more, or I would have at least made Xcor jump through a few more hoops before giving him full access to conjugal visits with Layla in a BDB-owned property. Was this lazy writing on the author's part to move the story along so she had time to fit eleventybillion other plot finishers into one book?

Did it occur to her that she could have wrapped up X and L's story while still leaving loose ends with Xcor and the others? More on this later when we get to Tohr's role in this debacle. Layla and Xcor finally get it on in the most boring climax no pun intended ever. Layla finally quits dancing around her feelings in front of the brothers and you'd think that she'd have to fight hard to get epic alone time maybe sex in a forbidden place while on the run.

But nope. Wrath gives the go-ahead nod, and the injured walk to the bedroom for some loving and underdeveloped sex. THIS was what we've been waiting for? And why did Layla wait so long to spill the beans about Tohr? Maybe that would have given V or Tohr at least a moment's pause? WTF woman?

Also, I found it weird that X and L didn't end up discussing the kids until further in the book. Oh, btw, I had the twins honey. Trez and Selena redux. Too Soon. This shouldn't have come up for at least another 5 books down the road.

I would've rather had a peek at Marhkus instead. Trez should be living and trying to cope for a while, while we see him spending time drawing close to iAm and his sister in law I would've liked to have seen a Catra cameo and working on that family unit. I just wish that Lassiter had been able to find something else to dig in to, instead of this right now. Okay, so he might not be wanting to look a pain-reducing gift-horse in the mouth, but why aren't we seeing at least a slight bit of the brain swirl that must be happening to him? He vaguely understands that Therese is 'different' from Selena although not so different, when we as the reader know that she is a reincarnation , but 'new girl' really only looks like his Chosen.

Her personality seems drastically different. And I guess this is good for moving on? She's familiar. She's different. My mind would be working overtime. Trez just gets a migraine. Cool, I guess Tohr Part 1. Tohr also done lost his mind. What was that garbage with Layla? The BDB have never been the most forward-thinking feminists, but they've always at least been somewhat respectful to the women. Most of their borderline sexism comes from off-color generally meant to be lighthearted comments and 'guy talk' This scene had me feeling all kinds of uncomfortable.

It didn't ring authentic to Tohr, even if he was due to snap. I would have preferred a long, drag-out, knock-down scene with Wrath or Xcor to this mess.

The Chosen One Series – Macy Blake

Tohr Part 2. This 'happy little bow' garbage was rushed and wrong for this book. Tohr Part 3. I'm not telling him to get over Wellsie, but In retrospect, his story would have worked better had he returned to the Brotherhood as a single man and gone at least a few more years Lord knows we'll still be reading this series then Maybe then, he wouldn't have been dealing with such fresh wounds that weren't even close to being ready to heal.

FFS, poor Autumn has the patience of a saint.

The Chosen: Complete Episode One

She doesn't deserve being Tohr's sex toy who he happens to also care about, but not deeply love as much as he should. V and Jane - again. I don't even know what to say here. This is not the first or even second go-round with these two. We're spoon-fed lies about how this couple functions differently than other couples, but are still supposedly very much functioning. But they're not, as witnessed in this book which contradicts the last awkward no-baby-let's-fistbump conversation.

And I don't care. V wants to cheat. I don't care. V feels distant from Jane. I really hope that all of this is at least leading up to a scene where we finally see something worthwhile from these two. An epic reunion and finally putting this mess to bed is in order. Throe gets creepy and the lore goes wonky. So we have extra magic now?

Plot Overview

Did I miss Throe's tie to the Omega, or was new world magic just plopped into the story that didn't exist before? I thought Lash was coming back? I'm so confused. And I don't understand why Throe had a respectable, almost redeemable moment in the Fallen Angels series if he was just gonna end up this far gone. I wish that dark savior moment of his had never happened because it still messes with my head.

I keep thinking that Throe's villain turn might be temporary, but nah I guess we're going full V.

And that's fine. The series needs villains. I just wish that we hadn't seen brief snippets of Throe as a potential ally for good in the past.

President Trump: 'I am the chosen one'

The ending - a. The Brady Bunch ain't got nothing on these brothers. There was NO reason the BoB needed to move into the mansion. With all of the property that the BDB owns? But in the same damn house? So we're just trusting them with the kids now after one fight? Again, we as the readers know that the BoB aren't all bad, but the Brothers aren't privy to the info that we get. I thought I recoiled when Rhage called Ruhn son. Boy, was I only getting warmed up for the main event.

Ward went full summer camp with this BS. Xcor and Qhuinn bonding? Q letting X hold the babies? In THIS book, we might have seen Q being okay with X and Layla being together, but not ready for the kids to get up close and personal just yet. And that would've been more organic. X could have been patient and been happy just to have his girl for now.

He could have bonded with the kids in the future. As well Not everyone has to be related. Not everyone has to work together. Not everyone has to live together. Sometimes people can just be respectful acquaintences, or buddies on the 'let's grab a beer on Friday' level. They don't all have to love and hug and share Christmas together. What's next? Are the rest of the Shadows and some Sympaths going to join the fray? And by 'join', I mean hang out in the world's largest billiards room? Perhaps the dining hall could be expanded to a cafeteria.

Fritz must have one hell of a staff to clean up after these people who can't seem to do it for themselves I feel like I might have more to say after I'm able to process more, but this is what I've got for now.