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Her actions result in large and unintended consequences.

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Yet we receive very little insight as to why Tessa is making these decisions, particularly given the type of character we are to believe she is. When the news crews come to interview her, Tessa can barely manage two words about why it is she is taking this action. Every action Tessa took had significance and so little of it was accompanied by any thoughtfulness. But even the romance between her and her girlfriend felt tepid. Lucas, on the other hand, was a strong voice and carried the story for me.

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He acted out of haste and hurt feelings and became a kind of poster child for the anti gay movement in his hometown. His mother gave him hell for it.. Sometimes the best big gesture is a series of small ones, such as joining the Facebook page in support of the Masterson family, wearing a t shirt that supports Tessa, or just refusing to be bullied into a differing position.

I absolutely loved the relationship between Lucas and his mother. A straight shooter with a great relationship with her kid.


For anyone who followed the Courtney McMillen story, the events spool out in much the same manner. There are no surprises here. The school archetypes are all represented but I appreciated the gamut of teens from the snooty, holier than thou purity ring girls, to the foul mouthed jocks, to the kids who quietly surprise you with their fortitude. Unfortunately this is a story that will likely play out across the nation for several years until GLBT kids are considered as ordinary as the heterosexual kids.

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I am hopeful that time is coming. I felt like I knew Lucas much better by the end of the story. His character had more dimension but I wanted to know Tessa in a much deeper way. I had a Six Flags adventure with my high school friends instead, because we were awesome. A teenage girl fighting her conservative small town for the right to bring her girlfriend to prom decked out in a tuxedo?

Less fantastic. I am all for representations of platonic male-female friendship, which have been on a subtle rise ever since Harry and Hermione danced together in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. I recently sent a friend of mine this. But featuring a lesbian protagonist and her male best friend eliminates that.

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Except that Tessa is not the protagonist of her eponymous novel. In my film theory class in college, our professor taught us to examine the last five minutes of a film in order to understand its world view. In this light, Some Like It Hot , for example, has a radical world view because it ends with Osgood and Jerry staying together. I assumed this meant they would reunite spectacularly at the end or that Tessa would have a meet-cute at her own party, but she simply fades away.

The last chapter of the book belongs to Lucas—Lucas, the kid who actually asks Tessa if they can watch porn together. On one hand, this reminds me a bit of Will Grayson, Will Grayson , where one of the Wills, despite starting to date a pretty amazing girl, realizes that the most important person in the world to him is his best friend.

The same could certainly apply to a lesbian woman and her male best friend.

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On the other hand, the majority of the slim representations of queer characters in young adult literature focus on queer young men. It was such a wonderful thing to see, and definitely fills one with hope. I really like the premise of this one! Reut recently posted.. Review: Illuminate by Aimee Agresti. Estelle reviewed this book recently and was really bothered by the same things you were. I despise when people are mistreated. Magan Rather Be Reading recently posted..

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Totally missed that you linked us. Thanks so much, April! Excited to read! Heidi recently posted..

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