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Top 10 Things to Do in Argentina

You can actually do both of these things at the same time! Dulce de leche is a super sweet, sticky, milk-based treat reminiscent of caramel.

Check out the political and social art of the continent, as well as the surrealism and pop art sections for some more out-there stuff. They also have traveling exhibitions that have included the likes of Andy Warhol and change regularly. This lively folk market and gaucho fair is situated in the working class neighborhood of Mataderos.

The bustling Avenida Corrientes passes through Microcentro, the financial district, across the pedestrian shopping street, Calle Florida, and by the Obelisco. These botanical gardens are just the place for a peaceful and free walk amidst nature in the middle of this bustling city.

Top 25 Fun Things To Do in Buenos Aires - Best Activities in Buenos Aires

You can find them in Palermo just next to Plaza Italia for a moment of serenity while exploring the several types of architecture that can be found throughout. Source: turismo. There are tons of handmade goods, silver jewelry, pottery, leather, mate gourds, and street performers. Relax and have a drink overlooking Plaza Francia at one of the many restaurants and bars, or perhaps sip some mate in the grass surrounding the feria.

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For those iconic, vibrantly painted buildings and tango dancing in the street, hit up the La Boca neighborhood during the day for great photographs. Source: therealargentina. These places began around the year when the economic crisis and resulting tourism boom gave chefs the idea to open up their homes to diners. Casa Saltshaker and Casa Felix are two of the most well-known puerta cerrada restaurants in the city. Or try the romantic and exclusive Ocho7Ocho, hidden beyond two unassuming wooden doors in Villa Crespo.

Guests enter through a house that was built in the s and venture down through a labyrinth of brick tunnels that were once walled off and buried. When the homeowner purchased the land in the s, he intended to build a restaurant before discovering the maze of tunnels beneath.

Restoring it became a labor of love, and now he offers tours to visitors who love architecture or want to understand the beginnings of the city. Some historians have surmised that the first settlement of Buenos Aires in was located in this spot. You know you want to.

10 Best Free Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Guests get to watch traditional folklore performances, dancing, singing, and expert horseriding demonstrations. If you fancy it, you can take a ride on one of the horses yourself, and then you can dig into a platter of assorted meats from steak to chicken to sausages, including the local specialty blood sausage or morcilla. Travel Guides.

Source: Shutterstock. Though the financial crash is over, the trend has remained, affording out-of-towners the chance to dine in true local fashion. One of the best is La Cocina Discreta , which opened in Chef Ale Langer offers an ever-changing tasting menu in his living room several nights a week. Located in the San Telmo neighborhood, Bar El Federal has been operating since and you can tell: vintage advertisements adorn the walls, the menus haven't changed in decades, and the well-worn wood tables look like antiques.

The Broadway-level of production lures Argentina's top dancers, singers, and musicians, who come together for a performance that will stay with you long after you return home. The quirky indoor market has been operating since , with a dizzying array of goods for sale, including locally-made dulce de leche, antique dealers, coffee shops, and handicrafts.

25 Coolest Things to Do in Buenos Aires – Tango, Pizza and even Kite Surfing

You can peruse its stalls seven days a week, but the best day to go is on Sunday, when the surrounding cobblestone streets transform into a bustling bazaar fair filled with performers, tango dancers, and more. High-end boutiques, charming colonial architecture, and chic hotels line the quaint cobblestone streets.

Come nightfall, the bar scene promises entertainment late into the evening.

Luring more than a million people a year, El Ateneo Grand Splendid is as spectacular as its name implies. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. What Is the Official Drink of Summer Getty Images.