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It gives markets depth, and makes them look better. It never "sells at a loss", but always at a profit. It works perfectly well if you run it a few times a day, once a week or once a month. More profits will likely be made if it's online all the time, but even that is not sure. It depends on market conditions. Explained lower. Buy orders will be placed from center price down to this price.

Price of Quote asset as measured in Base asset. Sell orders will be placed from center price up to this price. Default is on, and we recommend keeping it so.

This should result in getting the best possible prices even if the center price isn't where expected or moves after starting. Order amounts are calculated automatically. Bigger range decreases order sizes. Smaller increment decreases order sizes. As the price moves back and forth, a little or much, small profits are made and immediately reinvested to increase future compound profits. The profit will be somewhere between spread and spread - increment.

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Because the resulting profits is a combination of spread trades and volatility trades. The next sell order will be placed at price This may happen because newly obtained liquidity from trades is distributed across ALL range, increasing far orders. Instead, it will reserve the amount needed to place a next closer-to-center order.

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To cover such a wide range, it may require hundreds or even thousands of orders. Maintaining such orders count puts a significant overhead on the strategy execution time, on the blockchain by order placements and cancellation transactions , and also lots of time is needed for initial orders placement.

Furthermore, playing with spread and increment also requires replacing of all orders. This condition is a must to not break normal asset balance distribution inside a trading side. The strategy will place additional orders to cover the new range using trade profits or funds transferred from outside.

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If boundaries are narrowed, newly available funds will be used to increase order sizes. In this case the strategy will cancel furthest buy or sell order and use these funds to place next closer-to-center order to reach the target spread. When all orders are max, the new increase round is started from the furthest order. It makes very little profit if price stays where it started, but can withstand a massive change and loves volatility.

When all orders are max, the new increase round is started from the closest-to-center order. It's like milking the market or "financial independence mode".

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Buy orders maximized as far as possible same as valley , and sell orders as close as possible to the center price same as mountain mode. Buy orders as close to the center price same as mountain mode , and sell orders as far as possible from the center price same as valley mode. To arrange similar objects such that each is ahead or above and to one side of the next.

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To schedule in intervals. Esimerkit She began to stagger across the room. Deep was the wound; he staggered with the blow. The powerful blow of his opponent's fist staggered the boxer. The enemy staggers. He [Abraham] staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief.

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He will stagger the committee when he presents his report. Whosoever will read the story of this war will find himself much staggered. Grants to the house of Russell were so enormous, as not only to outrage economy, but even to stagger credibility.

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