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The entrenched power among these groups divides the population and creates space for political parties to dominate ever more areas of life.

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This affects everything from employment opportunities to the distribution of government contracts, and is a breeding ground for corruption. In a rare show of dissent against their authoritarian government, in September protesters called for President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to leave office, which he seized in a coup after protests two years earlier had forced Hosni Mubarak to end his year rule.

Earlier this year, a series of constitutional amendments positioned the military as the ultimate authority in Egypt. Thousands were detained in the violent crackdown against the protests, which have been illegal since Sisi took power in Space for civil society is severely lacking, with disappearances, house arrests and reports of torture. In a region where cause for optimism over anti-corruption developments is often in short supply, there have been some signs of hope this year.

In Tunisia, where recent elections passed peacefully, there have been encouraging levels of engagement by young people and civil society, allowing for a system of checks and balances to develop.

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There have been setbacks along the way, but the elections this week indicate a public awareness of the need to be part of the system, engage and demand change from their representatives. This is proving to be the way forward for establishing solid rules for democracy," said Hattar. Mass protests in Algeria earlier in led to the resignation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and opened a window of opportunity for a more participatory society.

However, the old guard are still in power, and protesters continue to demand change, despite the heavy crackdown on freedom of expression. Unless we see systemic change that ensures good governance and accountability in Algerian politics, the corruption that characterized the previous regime, and which drove public protests, will simply continue. This summer, protests toppled the government in Sudan, which scores just 16 points out of on the Corruption Perceptions Index, placing it close to the bottom of the ranking of countries.

Omar Al Bashir, the former dictator deposed by the military following the protests, is now in prison facing corruption charges. The most recent protests have called for his party to be disbanded while a joint military-civilian administration attempts to transition the country towards democracy. Shallow reforms will not satisfy citizens tired of decades of impunity from their leaders, and will most likely only postpone the next outpouring of public anger.

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Above all, governments must respect the right to peaceful protest, and engage constructively with emerging civil society movements. For any press enquiries please contact press transparency. To counter crime and corruption, law enforcement authorities around the world need to be able to swiftly uncover the identities of the real owners of companies. Transparency International argues that public registers of beneficial ownership should be the norm. The TI Amalia Award recognises and celebrates professional excellence and impact by the anti-corruption fighters from the Transparency International movement.

As the World Bank holds its annual meetings in Washington D. The fight against corruption is also affected. Globally, approximately countries have right to information laws. On International Right to Know Day, citizens are speaking out around the world to demand greater accountability from government. But are most people even aware of their right to request information in the first place?

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Will rampant corruption spark an Arab Autumn?

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