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While desperate, you know your mission. You must gather as many of the servants and their families, and lead them through the secret escape tunnels to safety! This town has a secret. Once every seven years, preceded by aurora borealis, it appears in a new place, at a different time in history. You find yourself visiting this town. Unbeknownst to you, its the final day in its current place and time.

A stranger arrives into town, dwelling at the olde inn. They have a mysterious tattoo on their neck, and seem to speak in an odd way. Some rather bad people. And you are at the inn when they arrive…. You approach it to notice that nobody is inside, and suspect it is abandoned. You enter. Noticing all of the furniture and art is covered in cobwebs, you make your way to the fireplace, and light it. After an hour of warming up, you begin to hear the fireplace speaking to you! You have been risen by wolves, and are treated as one of their own! The pack travels across the forest, and comes across a village under attack by slavers.

In the midst of the raid, you and one other person are captured!

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The mop is in the closet near the end of the hall. Whoever uses it will bring devastation to the land. A bit of sage. And an ogres eye! I thought you liked wizard meat!

The twisting nebulae. The floating worlds between the empty sea. The man roared out in rage. They has the spots! After waking up, you find yourself in the center of this dungeon. Lying next to you is someone you recognize; a member of the royal family. Let the games begin! I will reward you handsomely! Could you come over here and put me back on my body? Thank you!

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Imagine your typical crime or gangster flick, filled with heists, burglaries, and other greedy ventures. You can not control me any longer. I am much too powerful for you. Who said anything about crazy? Who said crazy? Not I! I said nothing! You must be crazy! Now give me that relic!! It seemed like any other day. That was until the sun vanished. Day turned to night in an instant. For example, witches were actually considered skilled in medicine and healing in medieval times, though they were often feared and demonized.

You may then have variations on witchcraft in the setting of your novel. Determine the medieval weapons used in your setting. To make your setting feel more believable, you may include medieval weaponry. In medieval times, medieval warfare was often bloody and ugly, with fighters using big pieces of steel to hack at each other. If your setting is going to explore medieval times from a fantasy perspective, you may need to depict the weapons and battles based on what was available at the time.

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Some common medieval weapons include: [6] [7] Daggers: These were the first useful metal weapons in medieval times and were often used for thrusting or slashing. Dirks: These are long daggers that were made by cutting down the blade of a sword and were used for thrusting or slashing. Swords: These were the most common weapons in medieval times, often made of steel and sharpened on both sides. Another variation was the two-handed sword, which was a larger sword that was very heavy and required two hands to wield it effectively in a battle. Maces: These were weapons made with wooden handles and steel or iron balls at the end.

The ball may have had spikes on it. Often, these were used to penetrate hard armor. Axes: These weapons were made of metal and wood, and came in many variations. Often they were used for thrusting and cutting an opponent. Lean on real life figures in medieval history.

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You should get inspiration for your characters by looking at real figures that existed in medieval times. This may be wealthy landowners or family houses, as well as typical roles that existed in medieval villages, such as the town blacksmith or the town priest. Using real life figures can help you create believable characters for your novel.

You can also take medieval historical figures and tweak them so they are fictional representations. As you create your characters, you should try to steer clear of cliche characters and familiar tropes in fantasy writing. These are characters who are not purely evil or purely good, and contain flaws like any other human being.

Characters who are flawed and conflicted are often more interesting and engaging than characters who are perfect. You may have a main character who is motivated by a good cause or purpose but who must also do awful or morally questionable things to achieve her goal. Or, you may have an antagonist who is selfish and considered evil, but still has the capacity to love his children or experience loneliness and sadness.

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Make sure your characters are diverse and unique. This often leads to stale, predictable characters who do not seem relatable or realistic.

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Instead, you should try to focus on having a variety of character types, backgrounds, genders, and sexual preferences represented in your novel. Instead, think about how you can distinguish different characters within the same race, group, or tribe. This could be by having different genders wear different clothing or by having each person in a group act in different ways. Maybe different races have different languages and unique ways of communicating.

Another way you can do this is to have the different groups bounce off each other. This is counter to how the human race views nature, as something to exploit or use up. Give each character a backstory and a perspective. You can also make sure your characters feel nuanced and distinct by giving each character a personal history.

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Rather than write from the third person perspective, where you hover over all your characters like God, try writing in the first person perspective of each of your characters. Create a plot outline.

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You can do this by using a plot diagram or by using the snowflake method. Creating a plot outline can help you get a big picture sense of your novel and make it easier to sit down and write. Your plot outline may not map out the novel completely or contain all the moving parts of the novel.