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Da indossare con ampie gonne longuette e una borsa secchiello. By CristinadiMilano. By Calzature Parutto. Friulane in velluto blu, disponibile in molti colori, in questo modello sensuale e aggraziato da indossare con abiti eleganti per un look impeccabile.

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In morbido velluto e color sabbia, perfetto per i piedi abbronzati d'estate. By Papusse. Scrivi qui la parola e da cercare. I migliori articoli di oggi. Theatralia Jazz Festival returned for the third year from 9th to 11th November The first evening presented Campus new project, 4Njanas, a new female-only group led by Filomena Campus herself, followed by trumpeter Paolo Fresu and tuba player Oren Marshall. The third evening presented an adapted jazz version of the theatre production Misterioso about jazz legend Thelonious Monk, here interpreted by Cleveland Watkiss alongside music performed by Robert Mitchell, Orphy Robinson, Dudley Phillips, Jean Toussaint and Filomena Campus.

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It also celebrated the centenary of the birth of Billie Holliday. She was a student at Nuoro, a beautiful town in the middle of Sardinia. I started a jazz masterclass in this town in I was the director, and it was a fantastic experience. We had students from Sardinia, from Italy, and from other European countries. I was there for around 25 years, with fifteen professionals, with lessons on improvisation technique, ensemble work, arrangements and the history of jazz.

Filomena studied here for two or three years, maybe fifteen years ago. We stayed in touch with her, and she decided to move to London.

A few years ago, she asked me to be part of the Festival. I also wrote the liner notes to the last two records.

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This year I will play as a duo with Oren Marshall tuba on the Monday night, which will be amazing. He was a part of my Brass Bang! Oren is a fantastic player and a nice person, and the relationship between us is very good. I am very excited to share the stage with him. On Tuesday I will play with the writer, Stefano Benni. He is a very famous writer, and sometimes we have put on a special performance together, with him reading part of his books, and me playing in the background with electronic effects.

I started playing in a marching band at first, when I was around eleven years old. Then I played for many years in a wedding band, and in fiestas in Sardinia, where I would play covers of artists like Stevie Wonder and popular Italian singers. I discovered jazz in the mids. I studied in Sienna, where there is an important Jazz National Seminar, in the early s, and became a professional jazz musician in I was very lucky, because in the s and s, there were not many young trumpet players in Italy.

The last one was Enrico Rava, of course, but before that, the only trumpet players played with orchestras and on radio broadcasts. It started with Miles, of course, and then Chet Baker. I also listen to three or four European musicians, including Enrico Rava, whose style was closer to my own — melodic and simple, Mediterranean and therefore easy for me to understand. Then another one was Kenny Wheeler. But that was not easy, because the technique of Kenny was amazing.

But Miles Davis and Chet Baker were the masters. The difference between them was that Miles was an incredible trumpet player, but also an incredible artist.

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He discovered new talent, and was always looking ahead, at different styles — mixing jazz with rock, recording with an orchestra, like Porgy And Bess , etc. He opened many, many doors. Chet was also a fantastic player, and an immense poet — a fine singer too. But Miles was also innovative and creative as an artist — he was like Pollock in contemporary art, and Fellini in the movies. But we need both — we need people like Chet and like Miles.

He asked me to come into the studio to record an album for ECM. We had not toured before, so it was not like with Carla. We are planning another tour now, which will start in Tickets are available from the Pizza Express Jazz Club. Lo scrittore Stefano Benni e il trombettista Paolo Fresu, due grandi artisti italiani, ciascuno nel proprio campo, insieme sul palcoscenico di un famoso jazz club di Londra per una tre giorni di musica, poesia e parole.

Un adattamento che contiene anche un omaggio a Billie Hollyday, celebrandone il centenario della nascita. E ora Londra li aspetta, scrive la rivista Time Out , come un appuntamento da non perdere. Enrico Franceschini. La Repubblica. UK singer Watkiss is now back with Benni in One Hand Jack, which raises the question: how do you feel about the idea of God being black? Huge audiences hang devotedly upon his every pronouncement. Theatralia Vocal workshop open to singers and performers who would like to improve their improvisation and vocal skills as well as stage presence.

The ensemble will work on songs inspired by Thelonius Monk. Some of the participants may be selected to perform at the Theatralia Jazz Festival special evening at the Institute on 6th November!

Paolo Fresu: award winner, internationally acclaimed Sardinian trumpet player has performed around the world over the past 30 years, with a track record of recordings. Fresu is also professor and artistic director of internationally renowned jazz festivals such as Time in Jazz. Fresu is based in Paris, Bologna and Sardinia.

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His unique trumpet sound is recognized as one of the most distinctive in the contemporary jazz scene. Oren Marshall is a pioneering player of acoustic tuba and electric tuba who, crossing between classical, jazz, improvised and world music, has collaborated with the likes of Derek Bailey, Charlie Haden, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Moondog, Radiohead, The Pan-African Orchestra and the London Philharmonic. As a solo artist, Oren has played all over the world and his ground-breaking solo work lead to a nomination for the BBC Innovation in Jazz Award, 2 years running.