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Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgård & Jeremy Saulnier Chat Netflix's "Hold The Dark"

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None Can Hold the Dark

Paramount Pictures Jenis. Laba operasi. Daftar isi. Kategori : Perusahaan Amerika Serikat Viacom.

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Kategori tersembunyi: Halaman yang menggunakan sintaks gambar usang. Ruang nama Halaman Pembicaraan. The two band together to solve the mystery of the four dead queens, as well as their own skins. His new gifts usher him into the magical upper crust and into the confidence of the minister of defense, who promises to teach him how to use his magic—which Noam secretly plans to use against the government, which has worked ruthlessly to deport immigrants, like his own family, who seek refuge from magical threats. But her consuming desire is to acquire a shadowglass, which will allow her to make the one she loves most immortal…but achieving it may be at the cost of her own heart.

Rich worldbuilding and high stakes make this one a must-read. The Everlasting Rose , by Dhonielle Clayton March 5 Fallen Belle Camellia, on the run from a sadistic queen and the price on her head, searches for the true heir to the throne in this sequel to bestseller The Belles. The Waking Forest , by Alyssa Wees March 12 Rhea has a pack of uncanny sisters, a feral animal companion, and a nightmare that plagues her: of someone, or something, waiting for her in the attic above her bedroom.

Meanwhile, a witch waits in the forest, granting wishes to children who dare visit her in their dreams. Their stories will collide in dangerous ways in this atmospheric fantasy debut. And then the bodies start turning up, setting the five teens on a twisting journey into the woods.

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Wicked Saints , by Emily A. Duncan April 2 April 2 is going to be a reeeally good day for Gothic darkness.

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  5. Sequel to THE FOUNDLING, Gay Romance, Erotica, Male/Male, Wendy Rathbone.

Early rave reviews have warned us: here there be villainous love interests, dark enchantments, perilous plot twists, and some seriously untrustworthy saints. Descendant of the Crane , by Joan He April 2 In this Chinese-inspired fantasy debut, a reluctant princess takes the throne under dark circumstances. She turns first to a soothsayer to guide her in finding his killer—though magic was long ago outlawed—then to a prickly investigator with his own criminal past. We Rule the Night , by Claire Eliza Bartlett April 2 A factory worker and the daughter of a general, each facing punishment for defiant acts, team up in order to escape punishment.

Pooling their magic, the two instant enemies set off on dangerous after-dark flights across enemy lines, learning to rely on each other in time of war. Except the prince becomes an unexpected ally, sharing his own power—to summon fire—and teaching her how to control and celebrate hers. But enemies are approaching the walls of Kiev, and the pair will soon learn whether fire and ice combined will be enough to turn them away.

Just kidding: things start to go south—like, straight to hell south—in Paris, where they learn about the Crimson Hand, an anarchy-sowing demon-worshipping cult…that appears to have grown out of a years-old joke made by Magnus. Her Poe is seventeen years old, intellectually hungry, and counting down the days until he can trade in his wealthy foster family for university and married life.

But his life falls apart with the arrival of a Muse named Lenore. Muses are fearsome harbingers of disgrace, that lead artists to misery and ruin. But once Lenore starts making demands of Poe, he has little choice but to heed her…. The Tiger at Midnight , by Swati Teerdhala April 23 In this trilogy starter inspired by Hindu mythology and Indian history, the fates of a soldier and a rebel collide, changing the course of their world. Esha is the infamous Viper, committing acts of revenge on the wicked and the powerful—and her next target is the general.

Levi tries his hand at empire-building, while Enne balances her twin identities as fine lady and lord of the streets. The stakes climb, dangerous new figures enter from the wings, and the two find themselves balanced between utter ruin and unimaginable greatness. Her only way out? Infiltrating the palace and stealing a treasure out of legend. In the palace, younger Prince Alfie is still reeling from the murder of his brother, and his own ascension to first in line for the throne.

Dark Shores , Danielle L. Jensen May 7 In a world where the Goddess of the Seas decides who lives and dies on her waters, Teriana is one of a waveborn people, second mate on the Quincense and at home only at sea. A power-mad eastern ruler blackmails both into helping him conquer the wilds of the western lands, forcing the two into an uneasy alliance that offers their only hope at protecting their families, but will drive them to extremes.

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In a country on the verge of war, both find themselves on the trail of an object of great power: Zafira wants to use it to stop the war and restore magic to her world, while Nasir wants to find it first and kill Zafira. The Candle and the Flame , by Nafiza Azad May 14 Fatima lives in the city of Noor, which rose from the ashes of a horrific djinn slaughter that left just three survivors—one of them Fatima.

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The revived city is protected by ifrit from the threat of further attack, until the death of the most powerful ifrit shifts the balance. One is the long-awaited Sun Queen, the other the era-ending queen of blood. In sequel Kingsbane , Rielle has survived the trials and been anointed Sun Queen, and must now call on her powers to repair the Gate holding the wicked angels at bay—while maintaining a connection with angel Corien, whom we know from the opening pages of Furyborn is destined to speed her downfall.

One thousand years later, bounty hunter Eliana grapples with the new understanding that she is the true Sun Queen, who must defend against becoming power-corrupted as Rielle was before her.

The Wise and the Wicked , by Rebecca Podos May 28 Ruby comes from a long line of powerful women whose power has diminished almost to nothing in the years since they left their Russian homeland. But the costs of fighting fate may be steeper than Ruby knows. Foundling Elizabeth is an apprentice at the Great Library of Summershall, who dreams of one day serving as a warden to these grimoires.

The mysterious intervention of a secretive young sorcerer saves her from imprisonment, but her trials are only beginning, as she discovers the Summershall attack is part of a far greater plot. Blood Heir , by Amelie Wen Zhao June 4 In a kingdom where magic wielders, or Affinites, are feared and oppressed, crown princess Ana, with her Affinity for blood, has been forced to live her life in palatial seclusion.

What she finds instead is a bone-deep conspiracy, and a perilous alliance with a crime lord who has aims of his own…and who might be wise to watch Ana as closely as she watches him. The Beholder , by Anna Bright June 4 In this alt historical fantasy, Selah is the sole daughter of the leader of Potomac, whose future is riding on her ability to make the perfect marriage. But when her attempt to do so goes spectacularly, publicly awry, her conniving stepmother lays down an ultimatum: Selah will cross the Atlantic on a tour of potential spouses, coming home betrothed or not at all.