Manual Mural Painting Secrets For Success: Expert Advice For Hobbyists And Pros

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It sucks ALL your time and you have to figure out ways to re-stoke your creative side. Very interesting. One of the difficulties I've found in selling prints is finding a printer who is of the calibre necessary to create high-end artwork. Great article — really enjoyed it. In London? I'm intrigued! Who have you tried?

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And who has disappointed you? I felt a bit spoilt for choice when I was living there! So far I've been using smaller independent craftsmen as I tend to prefer a more direct interaction but will give the big centres a go. Thanks for your tips. First class prints, highly recommended Thank you very much Paul.

The variety of options on offer is great and frankly, I wasn't even aware of some of these printing processes. My work is produced in Vegas and shipped worldwide. Nevada Art Printers. Let Rob know I sent you. Really though, it's the presentation, not the substrate. Most frames are available world wide. I use Tabacchino and Fotiou the most.

They are Italian made brands. When I show work, I show it framed and I show it Big. I just brought a 60" Avendasora to Sotheby's to introduce to their realtors. With the frame it's 76" 5" linen liner. Big artwork makes small spaces seem larger. That's my biggest hurdle. Not entirely, if you're going to talk numbers I'd be prepared to back them up when questioned. I think these are all important things to talk about. Okay- sure. I grossed 63K in edition sales alone. I also license my non-portfolio pieces and teach at Bellevue College as well as workshops and limited portraits.

I'm guessing ish. Add to that business overhead marketing, fees, logistics, etc and I walk away with something in the mid-thirties.

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I'm in the process of clearing up all the numbers for taxes. To tell you the truth, if you told the younger me that I'd be grossing over 50K a year in art sales and it still wouldn't feel like enough I'd have probably have quit. My aim is to gross K yoy- then I think I'll feel safe and maybe even a little secure Jason - Thanks for your candor.

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You may want keep in mind the economy as part of your plans. The next time a recession hits plan around how many current And past clients may evaporate. Hi Mike! I don't think they are important at all! What's in there so useful? Everyone is going to earn different because everyone is different artist, different business person, different personality and different ways.

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  6. He is successful doing that, that's the important thing. And he tells us some of his methods which I think are gold. Everyone can learn from his experience now. Home Business. Photograph shared with permission of Jason Matias. Photograph shared with the permission of Jason Matias. Posted In:. October 29, March 22, Landscape Photographer Reveals Secret to Success. January 30, Log in or register to post comments.

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    Lenzy Ruffin - January 18, Great article. The next step after sealing with the compound should be applying a primer before the paint. Grooming the woodwork or wall with a primer helps to avoid a problem known as flashing. This is a condition where the compound sucks the moisture from directly applied paint, giving you a flat and dull finish. A pro will prefer a tinted grey primer or a color that matches the finish paint instead of using a white primer.

    This is because a tinted primer is better suited than a plain primer when you want to completely cover the existing paint. It also economizes on paint as wood with tinted primer requires fewer coats to give your woodwork a colorful and vibrant finish. It is also perfect for sealing patches and texture differences while ensuring the paint does not sink in the putty and cause a dulling effect.

    This is especially evident with colors like red and orange which may require more than three coats to achieve a seamlessly smooth look.

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    There is nothing as heartbreaking to a painter as a mark left behind by a paint bleed after peeling the tape off the woodwork. A painter should ensure they perform a thorough job of attaching the tape properly to the wood surface before they start painting. An experienced painter knows that the most effective trick to properly seal the taped surface from any paint bleed is to ensure a good seal.

    This can be achieved by applying the tape over the surface through running a putty knife over the top to provide an effective cover. This is important to avoid the tedious chore of scraping off the bleed paint resulting from poor taping. This is due to the later leaving a sticky residue on the wood which is tough to remove. Masking tape is also reactive to some paints and may buckle or become wavy leading to a paint bled. It is perfect for tapping off as it protects from paint bleed without collapsing. The tape should also be removed at an angle to give a clear-cut and a sharp line.

    The secret to eradicating any brush and lap marks from your finished paint job is adding a paint extender like Floetrol, into the paint.

    A paint extender is also referred as a paint conditioner. This compound performs two critical functions.