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Dreaming of the Forgotten Land

Eighteen year-old Setan Lee was in shock as soldiers jumped out of huge trucks in Battambang Temple Square, shouting, "Enemies! This was the New Year celebration and they had no idea why these "black uniform soldiers" were ordering them out of the city at gunpoint to an unknown destination. Setan's best friend asked one of the soldiers why they were calling them the enemy.

He answered with gunshots that left Setan's friend dead at his feet! Thirteen-year-old Randa Yos was at home in Battambang with her family that fateful day when they heard shouting in the street, ordering people to come out of their homes into the streets. They had just learned that the black uniform soldiers had taken her father from his office at the University.

Miracles in the Forgotten Land and Beyond - Setan Lee, Randa Lee, Shelba Hammond - كتب Google

They and thousands of others were forced at gunpoint to march to an unknown destination. That day began four years of slavery and starvation in the killing fields for thousands of Cambodians.

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The horror of Setan and Randa's lives during their imprisonment and how they finally escaped will hold you spellbound as you read their story. About the authors: Shelba Hammond is the personal assistant to Setan and Randa Lee, and manages the Colorado office for their TransformAsia ministries.

Through many hours of working alongside the Lee's, hearing their stories, reading what has been written about or by Setan and Randa, Shelba has put their story together. It is their desire that God is glorified by this story, and that it will touch the hearts and lives of everyone who reads it.

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Write a Review. AngkorTom More than 1 year ago Compelling, an amazing story of the eduring spirit and awesome power of God to carry us through the depths of hell and deliver us! Related Searches. Connecting to the Best of God.


Finding God in everyday life situations with 40 short devotionals for everyday spiritual living. These devotionals are great for individual growth or group discussions with such topics as: Where Are You Getting Your Advice? It is their desire that God is glorified by this story, and that it will touch the hearts and lives of everyone who reads it. About the Author Setan and Randa Lee survived the killing fields of Cambodia, immigrated to America, only to return back to their homeland in the 's. Their heart is to see Cambodia and all of Asia know the love of Jesus.

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