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This story has some great unexpected twists in the plot. The ending was happy but I wanted a bit more.

Series: McCutcheon Family

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a sweet clean entertaining story. The author shows another side to the mail-order brides that I am sure has happened a few times. It isn't all hearts and roses sometimes things happen out of your control that my leave the bride or groom waiting at the altar with no partner. As is the case for Heather she really has no choice but to be a mail order bride coming from a big family with so many mouths to feed and little money she decided this was the best choice for her since she could not find work.

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What she finds on coming to Montana is Hayden isn't interested in a bride, his mother wrote the letter which leaves Heather devastated. She came all this way after many lost nights of sleep wondering if this was the right decision for her. Now to have the man stand up and say I do not want a bride is just a little much for her. What does she do, where does this leave her and how will she make her way. Hayden feels bad but there is no way he is going to marry some women he has never met much less one he has.

Plus she is one of those city women who doesn't know how to cook or take care of a family. He just doesn't have time to turn the princess into a small town girl. He has to much on his plate with the new mill order, his father hurt and the machine broken down he just cannot deal with more. Sorry sweetie but you are on your own Heather is a lovely girl who might be from the big city but she isn't any princess. Being the oldest she had to help at home taking care of all the other children.

There isn't much this little lady can't do. Hayden is about to be in for the shock of his life when this lady shows him a thing or two as she turns the tables on him. I really loved this character she is full of life, caring, she grabs the bull by the horn as she makes her way to a new life without a husband.

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Now she just has to tell her friends and family. She holds her head high as she takes the town by storm to show them just what a big city girl can do. Does this mean life is easy for her, no as a women back in this time making a living isn't easy. There will be many trying times as the men learn she is up for grabs and grab they do as she is come to be known as the mail order bride done wrong.

You have never seen the likes of men coming out of the woodwork making a play for the lovely Heather. This woman has so much to give that every man in Montana comes running to see if they can make her his bride. Hayden is a sweet man he doesn't like hurting anyone's feeling but dang it mother just should have kept her nose out of it.

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The whole town is up in arms over how wrong he did this pretty little lady when he had nothing to do with it. How much more can a man take, he has way to much to do to even deal with this beside he doesn't have time for a city women. What he finds on the first morning is this city women isn't anything like he thought. Man does he get his eyes open the more he sees the more he likes.

When others make a play for her hand he finds he doesn't care to much for this. He turned her down now how can he turn this around without looking a fool. He has his hands full in more ways than one. There are a few more surprises in store for you that will keep you laughing and smiling all the way. The narration is outstanding as Lara Asmundson takes you on the journey of Y Knots new mail order bride and the trying times that the author writes about. I just love Ms. Asmundson as a narrator she brings life to the story with her many different voices.

If you have listened to other books in this series you know each character has its own voice and they keep the same one no matter how many books are written. Each emotion you can hear and feel as the narrator tells a story that will break your heart and then keep you laughing at the messes these two wonderful characters get into. Her tones are even, her emotions you can feel in her voice. She never leaves you guessing as to who said what or how they feel.

There isn't any background noise nor any uneven tones. Just a smooth rich voice that flows easily. This narrator gives me what I come to expect a well told story that has me hook for the first page.

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Fyffe brings so much to the mail order bride series as does Debra Holland. I know when I see Ms. Fyffe's name it is going to be a well told story which will make me sad, even shock at times. One thing I always count on no matter what she will have me laughing before long as she spins and twist her story taking her characters from one mess to another through misunderstanding as they work out what they truly feel. I had to laugh at how the town got involved and the men starting coming around from all over the state. I really felt for Heather so many men to trip over you can hardly move.

I think I know how a worm feels when you throw him into a pond of a million fish with each one wanting a bite. Fyffe gives you stories you can relate to with wonderful characters you will love as she takes you back to a time when things in many ways were simpler, when family meant respect, love, honor, hard work but life was good when you had your family working alongside you before life became the fast lane of high tech. If you haven't read any of the mail order brides series I suggest you start with one of Ms.

Fyffe's you won't be sorry. I liked the layout of the story describing character attributes, and the weaving of the 2 lives together. Who was your favorite character and why? Heather, because she was very accepting of changes. How does this one compare? I have not listened to her performances prior to heather.

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Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? I did smile a lot. The story was well written. I enjoy Caroline's books. Heather she is a strong independent woman who knows what she wants. Her voice is wonderful to listen too. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? The story but also Lara Asmundsons voice adds a lot that I missed when I read the book. Heather for sure but love all the people in this little town.

I read this book but when I listened to it in Audible, it was like a new book. Loved it!! Looking forward to listening to all the books in this series. I found that this book was a large undertaking.

This story is probably the most western of the series, since Heather has so many interactions with different characters and becomes a central part of town life and gossip. I also liked that the book had very large scale scenes, such as all the men meeting in the bar, and just the sheer number of towns folk that we met. I loved the little details that were included in this book and made it complete. This would rate in the top end of my audio books listened so far. My favorite characters in this book are definitely the towns folks.

But Chance, Evie's husband, and little Jimmy definitely shine through!