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This period of spanking literature is marked by three notable characteristics.

First, greater audiences were reached with the availability of less expensive editions and greater print runs. Second, many of the spanking novels contained numerous illustrations many of which have fallen under public domain and are easily available online.

Third, this period saw a gradual increase in the output and publication of spanking literature, growing particularly within the s and peaking within the s. Much of the output of spanking literature during this period was by French publishers, writers and illustrators. Similarly, within the context of spanking photography, France was also the home to the creation of much content: most notable being the Biederer Studio and Ostra Studio. This "Golden Age" of spanking literature and so to the French Spanking photography came to an end as a result of the Second World War, more specifically due to the German occupation of France between and and later the enforcement of censorship laws.

A somewhat notable exception to the decline of Spanking literature during this period was John Willie's bondage Bizarre magazine published between and Additionally, in a similar period to the "Golden Age" of Spanking literature, throughout the s to s spanking often playful and flirtatious within mainstream film and television particularly in romantic comedies and Westerns of actresses was common.

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It was also common, even if a spanking did not occur during a film, for promotional photos to show or suggest that the leading actresses was going to get spanked. Of the many French works from the "Golden Age" few were translated into other languages within which Spanking literature was popular, namely English and German. Beginning during the mids a number of these French works were translated into English and published, along with these works being republished in French and older British works also being republished.

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The occurrence of this was facilitated by the availability of mass-produced paperbacks and changes in censorship laws. Today numerous works from the "Golden Age" and before that have since entered public domain, and have accordingly been republished a number of times both in print and digital.

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  6. Apart from reprints, new spanking literature has also been published in both novel and short story length. Notably, the development and proliferation of the Internet has helped facilitate a new growth in Spanking literature, with both professional and amateur writers able to self-publish online or through electronic books. A number of contemporary works are set in the Victorian and Edwardian era within which spanking literature was popular, and within which spanking was widely common. A line of fire was blazing across her cheeks.

    The second one landed just below, the third below that. The next one landed at the juncture of her thighs and she screamed into the covers again, her sobs starting afresh.

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    He worked his way back up her bottom, then back down again. It was pure agony—each stroke raising a fresh weal, the new strokes crossing the earlier ones so that the pain exploded exponentially. He gave a bark of laughter and let the strap slide over her bottom in a caress. But why did you leave? What did you want from me?

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    He snapped the strap across her buttocks again, so it was impossible for her to answer, her mind diverted by handling the fire on her backside. He chuckled again, slapping her with the strap again, but lightly. You wanted to be over my knee, having your bottom striped? Yes—I mean, no!

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    I just—I wanted you to come running after me…I just wanted to know you care! I loved this Renee. Ooh, that's pretty good.

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    Dang Renee, You're making me break my kindle budget! But I know the rest will be worth it! I look foreword to your work, knowing I'll have some great reading ahead. Your email address will not be published. His taking her in hand did make him more attractive to her. Reserved to the point of being aloof, Lord Westerfield never attended balls or even considered taking a wife… until he met Miss Kitty Stanley and his orderly world turned on end. Determined to have the beautiful and animated sister of his friend from the gambling hall, but doubting his ability to effectively court her, Westerfield strikes a bargain with her brother for her hand.

    When the gentlemen present Kitty with the deal, she is furious with them both for neglecting to consult her, but her brother insists he will withdraw his support if she does not comply. Angry, she acts out at a ball, causing a scandal that mushrooms further when Lord Westerfield drags her unnchaperoned to his home for a firm spanking. Baring her for chastisement, Westerfield is swept away by desire, taking her innocence and completing the ruin of her reputation.

    He offers to release her from the betrothal contract, but her brother insists instead on a hasty marriage. Will they be trapped forever in a loveless marriage, or will they have the courage to move past their rough beginning to kindle the passion they both crave? Buy now:.