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Just finished filling the holes Almost forgot you And an hour was all that you needed To come rushing back through. Don't really know all that's Hiding inside you It's a year that I want behind me too. But it's all coming back now And you still let me down But I feel you inside me somehow. The winter grows darker The distance gets longer And you're moving farther away My grip's getting weaker But I'm feeling stronger Can't hold onto nothing forever.

But it's all coming back now And you can't hold me down But I feel you inside me somehow. Don't turn around Don't turn around Don't turn around Don't turn around Can't hold on Don't turn around.

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The winter grows darker The distance gets longer And you're moving farther away My grip's getting weaker And I'm feeling stronger Can't hold onto nothing. File revisions might require a second round of prototyping.

Don’t Turn Around

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Feb 2, - Mar 4, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Don't Turn Your Back. Build your deck. Escape the city. Learn More! Last updated March 24, Share this project. Questions about this project? I also think it was a live recording cause the audience goes nuts when the horns pop in. The bass definitely sounds like Weather Report. I'm not interested in those songs I'm only interested in one and the song called games by a unknown bubblegum band with the words taking a trip down to a Africa trip to nowhere taking all your time and leave it all behind to nowhere.

I'm looking for a song that goes "cause its a high ass trunk and we are going to I'm hopping someone can help me find the name of this song, I got a lot of the lyrics I believe I got everything right haha but I cant find the song no matter what. The song is like a rap with a modern beat and the part of the lyrics there I have goes like this: " Hold the grip before the wheel starts burning and is fire on your I'm looking for a song, where woman sings "I'm not ready, I'm not ready.

Looking for a song where a woman is singing "there no saving me" it is a song that is pop but midtempo. I'm looking for a song with the lines: "Who says love is an anchor is never right I am nothing if nothing like dynamite. It was definitely released before Hey, I am looking for a song, a man is singing. In the opening was like " Take it - Dom Dolla" but some girl sing ohhhhhhhhhh ohhh ohh oh ohh ohh oh and some part of the lyrics was " you got me beg don't ya" " i miss your dirty dance " i don't remember quite likely my bad Does anybody know that song wheere a little girl mumbels some words?

It was something like "you are my Hi, I heard this one song in the store the other day, and now I can't find it, because I haven't remembered the lyrics, but it was an slow romantic one, male singer, he's asking her to tell him what's wrong what's on her mind , so that they can solve it before the start fighting about that something. I think it's the newer song. Any ideas? Thanks :.

I'm looking for a song which could be in one of the long mixes in youtube or as recommended song in spotify. I'm really desperate. I've through dozen of mixes and couldn't find anything Looking for a song in the late 90's early 's by a duo. Lyrics go "face it you don't wanna face it. You don't wanna call your bluff on me, I would say face it you don't wanna face it, you don't make a mark on me" bit of the rap verse goes "cause I can't be stopped or be restrained or held back I run like a chainsaw.

I'm looking for a song that goes like "Ohhh girl i just want to take my time and love you right.


Looking for the name of this song, can't understand the lyrics, please focus on the background song. I'm looking for a song, its a dance song from 10 or so years ago the girl sounds like shes coming from the beat of the song ohh ah oohh ah I do not remeber who it's by nor the mix and it's driving me insane! Hello, please help! I am looking for a deep house song that goes like: Before the sunrise, before we all die, let's ride some I used to be fearless, hopeless, honest. And the chorus goes like "Rider so I" or something. I hope that helps! Looking for a song 80's it goes like this: Haysiger haysiger aaahhh is abaneysiger.

Who knows a song that was on top of the pops around it was a rap song about alcoholic drinks I think the guy was in a bar as he was rapping? There's like a country song where the girl is waiting for the call And it's like "Walking on pins and needles waiting for the phone to ring" or smth and I think the dudes like trying to apologise??? I'm not sure. Hey im looking for an old country song about a guy thats talking about running into a girl in Georgia, kentucky and Oklahoma because that might be where that girl is.

Looking for a song and i need your help. Heard it at woolies today in australia. I know for sure that "think about it" is in there but i dont know the rest lol. Trying to find a song I hear at work all the time.

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Find song by lyrics Page 3 I'm looking for a song that goes like this. Tan 02 November Reply So do I.

When Things Don't Turn Out How You'd Hoped, Expected or Planned

Cory 03 November Reply There's only one thing, two do, three words four you. I love you.

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Tan 03 November Reply No. Anonymous 28 October Reply I am looking for a song.