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The latest versions of iMovie HD and iDVD 5 are, by far, the most robust moviemaking applications available to consumers today. But whether you're a professional or an amateur moviemaker eager to take advantage of the full capabilities of these View Product. With multitasking and more than a other new features, iPhone 4.

With better ways to get your photos online and new options for creating printed projects, With better ways to get your photos online and new options for creating printed projects, iPhoto '11 makes it easier than ever to transfer photos from a digital camera, organize them, and publish, print, or share them in maps—but there's Mac OS X For a company that promised to put a pause on new features, Apple sure has For a company that promised to put a pause on new features, Apple sure has been busy-there's barely a feature left untouched in Mac OS X View Hierarchy 4.

The Window. View Controller 4. Creating a custom view controller. Customizing a UIViewController subclass. Managing Views 4. Managing views in code. Managing views in Interface Builder. User interaction 5. Controls 5. Touching views 5. Hit testing. Gesture recognizers 5. Pan gesture. Simultaneous gesture recognizers. Adaptive layout 6. The problem. Auto layout 6. Auto layout in Interface Builder. Autoresizing 6. Autoresizing in code.

Autoresizing in Interface Builder. Manual Adaptive layout 6. Receiving transition events. More adaptive layout 7. Size classes 7. Size classes in code. Size classes in Interface Builder. Stack Views 7. The problem with auto layout. Simple Stack view in Interface Builder. Nested stack views in Interface Builder. Adding or removing views from a stack view. Keyboard notifications, animations, and scrolling 8. The problem with the keyboard.

iOS 11 Swift Programming Cookbook (Engels)

Dismissing the keyboard 8. Dismissing the keyboard by resigning the first responder!

Detecting when to dismiss the keyboard. Observing Keyboard Notifications 8.

Cookbook (Mobile Ui Design)

What is a notification? Observing a keyboard frame change notification. Extracting keyboard information from the notification. Animating views 8. Animating the view from under the keyboard.

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Diving deeper into animating views with a sample bar chart. Scroll Views 8. Scroll view with form content and keyboard. Diving deeper into scroll views with image content. Tables and navigation 9. Displaying data in table views 9. Setting up a table view controller in the storyboard. Displaying data in the table view. Adding a row 9. Embedding in a Navigation Controller. Embedding second navigation controller.

Communicating with the books scene using your own delegate. Editing a row 9. Creating a segue from a row. Passing in the book object to edit. Collections, searching, sorting and tab bars Sorting the data Creating a sort method to sort the book array. Searching the data Creating a search controller.

Removing and updating rows with filtered data. Displaying data in collection views Creating custom collection cells. Displaying data in a custom collection view cell. Adding a search bar to the collection view. Implementing the flow layout delegate. Creating sections with a Tab Bar Controller Sharing data between tabs. Local data persistence Preserving User Preferences and State Preserving and Restoring State. Preserving User Preferences on the Device.

Storing data locally Storage setup. Data persistence in iCloud Setting your app up for iCloud.

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Storing data using CloudKit Updating the model for CloudKit. Adding a book record to CloudKit. Updating a book record in CloudKit. Loading book records in CloudKit. Deleting a book record in CloudKit. Graphics and media Adding images to your app with an asset catalog Adding image sets. Drawing with Core Graphics Overriding the draw method. Drawing into the graphics context. Saving and restoring graphics state. Drawing paths with UIBezierPath drawing methods. Rendering views in Interface Builder.