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Janell Harvey. Formats Softcover. Book Details. Language : English. Format : Softcover. Dimensions : 6x9. Page Count : ISBN : Format : Hardcover. About the Book. About the Author. Evangelical political activists are not all on the right. There is a small group of liberal white Evangelicals. The evangelical left or progressive evangelicals are Christians aligned with evangelicalism in the United States who generally function on the left wing of the movement, either politically or theologically or both. While the evangelical left is related to the wider Christian left , those who are part of the latter category are not always viewed as evangelical.

Typically, members of the evangelical left affirm the primary tenets of evangelical theology, such as the doctrines of the Incarnation , atonement , and resurrection , and also see the Bible as a primary authority for the Church.

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Unlike many evangelicals, however, those on the evangelical left support what are often considered progressive or left wing political policies. They are often, for example, opposed to capital punishment and supportive of gun control and welfare programs. In many cases, they are also pacifists. Theologically they also often support and utilize modern biblical criticism , whereas more conservative evangelicals reject it.

Some promote the legalization of same-sex marriage or protection of access to abortion for the society at large without necessarily endorsing the practice themselves. There is considerable dispute over how to even characterize the various segments of the evangelical theological and political spectra, and whether a singular discernible rift between "right" and "left" is oversimplified. However, to the extent that some simplifications are necessary to discuss any complex issue, it is recognized that modern trends like focusing on non-contentious issues like poverty and downplaying hot-button social issues like abortion tend to be key distinctives of the modern "evangelical left" or " emergent church " movement.

While members of the evangelical left chiefly reside in mainline denominations, they are often heavily influenced by the Anabaptist social tradition. Some evangelical Christians strongly dispute the scientifically accepted Neo-Darwinian theory of evolution and have influenced schools to teach Creationism or " Intelligent design " the position that God or another active intelligence intervened at various points over the course of an otherwise uninterrupted natural evolutionary history to produce the complexity and diversity of life observed on Earth.

There have been a variety of court cases over the issue. Not all evangelicals believe that evolution is incompatible with Christianity. Prominent evangelicals such as B. Warfield and Billy Graham believed the theory could be reconciled with Christian teaching. Since , a central issue motivating conservative evangelicals' political activism is abortion. The decision in Roe v.

Wade by the Supreme Court , which legalized abortion, proved decisive in bringing together Catholics and evangelicals in a political coalition, which became known as the Religious Right when it successfully mobilized its voters behind presidential candidate Ronald Reagan in In the United States, Supreme Court decisions that outlawed organized prayer in school and restricted church-related schools for example, preventing them from engaging in racial discrimination while also receiving a tax exemption also played a role in mobilizing the Religious Right.

Opponents criticize the Evangelicals, who they say actually want a Christian America—in other words, for America to be a nation in which Christianity is given a privileged position.

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Many films offer differing views on evangelical, End Times , and Rapture culture. One that offers a revealing view of the mindset of the Calvinist and premillennial dispensationalist element in evangelicalism is Good People Go to Hell, Saved People Go to Heaven. According to recent reports in the New York Times , some evangelicals have sought to expand their movement's social agenda to include poverty, combating AIDS in the Third World, and protecting the environment.

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Personifying this division were the evangelical leaders James Dobson and Rick Warren , the former who warned of the dangers of a Barack Obama victory in from his point of view, [77] in contrast with the latter who declined to endorse either major candidate on the grounds that he wanted the church to be less politically divisive and that he agreed substantially with both men. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information: Congregationalism in the United States. Main article: First Great Awakening.


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June Main article: Christian right. Main articles: Evangelical left and Christian left. Main article: Creation—evolution controversy. Main article: Abortion and Christianity.

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October 7, The Cambridge Companion to American Methodism. Cambridge University Press. Moody: American Evangelist, — The New York Times.

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