Manual Gefühle sind nicht zum Versagen da (German Edition)

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By sunlight or by moonlight, eager for battle. You brown field, you green grass; trumpeter, blow your little song, blow! Gute Mutter! So in stummen Schmerz versunken? Aber weine nicht, wenn ich von dir geschieden, Sterben ist des Daseins Ende nicht. Wolltest trostlos, wie ein banger Zweifler trauern, Der kein lohnend bessers Leben glaubt? Good mother! So submerged in silent pain? Silent tears in your resigned gaze? You, even you lost the last spark of hope, You poor one, with this untimely mishap. What is indeed the hopeful bloom of youth, That the next rough wind might so easily steal it?

Soon, the muffled death-bell will toll for me, And my bones will decay to dust; Already have I seen the funeral procession to the cemetery, With heartfelt tears honoring me. My beautiful May, indeed, is gone too soon And the rosy light of hope no longer burns. But do not cry when I part from you, Dying is not the end of existence.

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The quiet sleep embraces me now in peace, Until a beautiful morning light awakens me. Precious mother, did you want to pity me, That God allows me to sleep so early? Did you want, inconsolably, to mourn like a miserable doubter, Who cannot believe in the reward of a better life beyond? O noble one! If, with quiet kindness, You ever strew spring flowers on my grave, And, with sorrowing heart, still wish To consecrate my ashes with your tears. Yes, you will find me in that Valley of Flowers Where love knows no sorrow; Where lovely, liberated spirits enwreathe us, And no hostile fate can ever separate us.

Doch, mehr, muss sie gefallen. So as I wandered here, so alone, Where snowy flowers showered I heard sheep, ding, dingaling, And grazing in the flowering meadows. But more beautiful would it be, If we in the meadows Could trip along with a girl. Now I turned my merry glance To the bells of the sheep And found, oh heaven what luck! A maiden asleep in the meadow! Yes, she barely escaped my grasp I was very lucky indeed. But in vain was the toil, Though I held her firmly clasped.

Alas, it was from the dawning of the young day That snatched the sweet dream away, And instead of the dear girl I held the pillow in my arms. In questa tomba oscura Arietta con accompagnamento di pianoforte Vienna — Giuseppe Carpani — In this dark tomb Song with piano accompaniment Vienna — Giuseppe Carpani — Let me stay; You should have thought of me When I was alive, you ingrate. At least leave naked ghosts To enjoy their peace And do not bathe my ashes With futile venom. Warum nur bin ich erwacht Aus diesem Akt der Lust? In the past night, While my heart is calm, In a dream, my love I seemed to see And this star was less stern And more beautiful.

Why I did I awaken During that act of pleasure! It seemed that she was telling me: You are mine forever, You will be the first And last of my thoughts! As you love me, I love you; Be always my idol! Why did I wake up In that act of pleasure! Doch eh ich noch jetzt hier als Meister mich zeige, muss ich noch essen. Doch eh ich noch jetzt hier als Meister mich zeige, esse ich. Before I make the important decision, I want a snack. Before I take the important decision, I will take a snack. Gestern rieb ich Farbenerden, Heut soll ich ein Maler werden, Ei!

Wie sang ich das wohl an? After a good appearance, after the good clothes Aspire the bosses and the servants. Therefore I want to seem like them. True greatness is hard work, Too much cleverness is dangerous; But the appearance of them, I shall take. Yesterday I made paint Today I want to be a painter, Ei! How should I sing about that? Other kinds of clothes proudly worn, Garments and appearance, I hear said, Alone make the man, now. Liebe nur erhebt die Brust, Liebe nur gibt wahre Lust.

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Kings are also people, Also in purple beats a heart. O, do not envy the ruler, Who is doubly oppressed by secret pain. Love only lifts the breast, Love only gives real pleasure.

Die Ambivalenz der Gefühle

The night flees, the morning appears, The shadows are changing to purple. The air happily jests in pure splendor. A gentle breeze that floats through the bowers, Receives the sacrifice of their floral scents; O holy joy which thrills my heart. Beautiful is the rejuvenated life Of unveiled nature; To him, that it is given It reveals the source of the light. On the high mountain peaks, In the dawn lightning, in the lake of still splendor God shines gloriously powerful. From the clouds high pavillion That holds the hand of love, Songs resound down To people from happy larks And sweet in their jubilation Warbles the nightingale.

Ach muss es sein! Oh it must be! Then with her tears flowing The joy will never return to me. When she only sees me from afar, She runs away as fast as she can. Her face glows like fire If she looks at me at all. It seeks quickly to run away If I embraces her with my arm.

You would have to be blind to not see, That this is love. If I tell her something nice, She laughs at me, Often many hours, many days She is not herself. You can see just too clearly, That everything annoys her. Now deny it, whoever can That this is love. Nun sinkt mein Mut, mein Herz mir bricht, Ich finde meine Line nicht, ach sagt mir doch, Wo ist der Mann, ach, sagt mir doch, Der mir sie wiedergeben kann?

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From the distant Swiss Country I came hither full of grief; My love vanished in the world, It is no longer there;. I left hearth and home, I drove myself out into the world; Good people tell me Where can I find her. I looked for her in every castle, I knock on every house But when I opened the door, She did not come out. Now my heart sinks, it breaks my heart, I cannot find my Line Emmeline , alas tell me, Who is the man who can tell me, Where I can find her. Heil mir! Den nie der Zeiten Wechsel raubt. Katinka, Seele meines Lebens! Joy to Me!

『WILDFIRE!!』【German Fancover】

Joy to me! Soul of my life! Katinka, here for now and forever You will stay with me and for me! This I offer, oh blissful you!

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A diadem wound as a myrtle wreath of Two crowns which nothing can change. Wien — Reicht Freunde mir die Hand! Nicht duldet feigen Mord! Give me friends your hand!

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We will not tolerate cowardly murder! Victory or death will be our word. Swear revenge and destruction! Gods hear your oath.

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With a word in our hand, The way to victory is paved. Ye gods! O send your heavenly fire; Let me be the tool of vengeance; Rend the veil of superstition, And help the me free innocents.