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These inputs and outputs can be provided in groups of 8 channels for example as BNC or fiber optic connectors. The fiber-optic solution provides perfect optical isolation against high voltage potentials.

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In addition the optical transmission also allows bridging of long distances , be it in a test lab or in the field. This creates a highly flexible and powerful measuring system with integrated control unit. The control signals can be recorded synchronously with the measurement signals which allows a parallel in-depth analysis of input and output signals.

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Thanks to its compact design, this Sequencer also serves perfectly as a portable testing device for mobile use. The Sequencer monitors the digital inputs and adapts the generated output patterns based on the current state of the input signals. This also includes observations of the environment doors, windows etc.

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  • If needed the Sequencer can be expanded with analog inputs which allow the use of analog triggers e. The software provides a comfortable graphical user interface which makes it easy to set-up the Sequencer and to define the desired output pattern sequence. In addition to a straight sequential processing also loops and case statements branches are supported.


    After downloading to the on-board FPGA processor of the sequencer the programmed sequence is being executed independently from the operating system in real time. The individual steps of a sequence are being processed using a high-precision hardware clock with a minimum step width of 10 ns and 20 ppm accuracy. The Emergency Stop allows the operator to instantaneously stop the current sequence at any time and initiate a pre-defined sequence with fail-safe output patterns.

    In addition the emergency stop can also be initiated automatically based on events detected within the input signals.

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    These preventive measures help avoiding possible costly damages to the test facility or device under test in case of failures. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    dokku-dev.tortus.com/41.php Direct contact The scientists discovered the moons when they set algorithms to work on decade-old images captured from the powerful Subaru telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii. By comparing images taken over hours and days, the algorithms distinguished between stationary stars and galaxies and moons that hurtled around the planet.

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    • At the birth of the solar system, vast amounts of dust and gas circling the sun coalesced into the eight known planets. Depending on the angle of approach, comets and asteroids straying too close to Saturn in the early solar system would have become locked into radically different orbits around the planet. Only three of the new moons have so-called prograde orbits, meaning they circle Saturn in the same direction that it rotates.

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      The other 17 are in retrograde orbits, meaning they orbit the planet backwards. One is the most distant moon ever spotted from the planet. The outer moons of Saturn fall into three broad families according to how they orbit the gas giant.